33w2d; Raging Pregnant Women Unite

7 02 2010

I am approaching 34 weeks – a huge milestone – and I am so excited.

So, I went for my pevlic belt fitting on Friday – what a waste of time.  The guy tried to fit me with some maternity belt – which my doctor expressly said not to use, that I needed some “SI belt” and the prescription was specific about what belt I needed.  The guy at the orthotics place (“Lazy Ahole”) tried then to give me the prenatal cradle – but it was not what the doctor was prescribing for me.  So I was like, “what does the prescription say” and Lazy Ahole, who wanted to go to lunch, was like, “uh, yeah, it is different than this stuff”, so I told Lazy Ahole to fit me for what the doctor prescribed…so Lazy Ahole measured me – I think my stomach was 51 inches – yee haw!!! – and said it would take about a week to come in.  I was really shocked that he was just so lazy – I left, called my husband and was raging about what a lazy ahole this guy was and then I started to cry!  My hormones are crazy!  I then calmed down and tried to look forward to my pregnancy massage, which Mr. M bought me for Valentine’s Day.

So, I go to this spa – and the masseuse (“Incompetent Hippie Masseuse”) – I do not think he had a clue.  He tried to lay me on the table – almost flat – and I had to instruct Incompetent Hippie Masseuse on how I should be positioned.  Long story short, it was really uncomfortable – and I had indigestion and reflux coming up and using pillows to keep me from passing out.  (I had one at a different spa about a month ago and it was exquisite – I am going back there at 35 weeks).  During the massage (which was really just him rubbing oil that smelled like olive oil on my body – he was not using any pressure) he kept telling me about what the personalities my babies were going to have since they will probably be Pisces.   Now, don’t get me wrong, I love all kinds of people – I was pierced and tattooed throughout my early twenties and definitely lived an alternative lifestyle. That being said, Incompetent Hippie Masseuse was playing that role a little too much and acted like he knew everything about pregnancy…

That was my Friday – and I was a raging bitch by the end of the day!

I do need to say that my pelvic pain is much, much better – I quit sleeping on my bolster (I ordered it from a massage place) and am just using pillows – I had been trying to lay on my side on the bolster and I think it was putting my pelvis out of whack.  So that has definitely made me feel better.

We got a TON of snow – but we are leaving the house tonight for a 50th birthday party for one of Mr. M’s friends.

I am also going to post my 33 week belly pics – taken today at 33w2d.  I hope to make it at least 3 more weeks!  Bella – as I mentioned, I am starting to get stretch marks underneath the belly – you can see them in the middle pic.




14 responses

7 02 2010

Look at that beautiful belly! You look fantastic, and I’m so glad some of the pain has started to go away. You deserve to enjoy these last few weeks, not merely endure them!

7 02 2010

That belly is adorable!

Sorry about the Lazy and the Incompetent. Sounds annoying.

I see a pack n play in the background! 🙂

Enjoy your last few weeks! You’ve made it soooo far, and it sounds like you’re doing great!

7 02 2010

I always thought any massage must be good, but I’m rethinking that after hearing of your “olive oil” experience. Sorry it sucked and I’m really hoping the one you get at 35 weeks feels like heaven!

7 02 2010
Miss MVK

My prenatal cradle hasn’t come in yet!! Should get here on Monday. Cannot. Arrive. Soon. Enough. I am in total misery. Sat through at five our multiple newborns class yesterday with three more hours coming today and it totally wrecked me! I was so exhausted and those chairs…UGH.

Oh sorry, for a minute I forgot this was supposed to be a comment on YOUR blog and not a post on MINE!

Anyway, dude, sorry about the massage. That totally sucks. What does not suck however is your belly. It is awesome and I swear it is smaller than mine at 29w. YOU ARE SO CLOSE!!! Yay!!!!!

7 02 2010

Your massage guy and belt fitter sound like total yahoos. Good luck in the coming days and weeks! And hey, if the babies are Pisceans, you know they’ll be awfully sweet. (I may be biased because I am a Piscean!)


7 02 2010

Holy cow on that belly!

I hate masseuses who talk throughout the massage. Yeah, I didn’t pay to converse with you (written like I get a lot of massages, it’s actually been years!). At any rate, glad you can go back to that better place soon.

7 02 2010
IF Optimist (Traci)

I love the names you gave the dorks who served you. Glad to know that switching from your bolster helped. I think that the belly is absolutely gorgeous and am glad Sugar and Spice are happily baking away. Take care.

7 02 2010
Melissa Griffin

Wow. look at you!!! I am LOVING the pics.

There is nothing worse than a crappy massage. It’s such a let down. Glad you have another one scheduled to make up for the hippie nut job. =)

7 02 2010

I hate a crappy massage. I need the deep muscle beat everything up kind of massage to enjoy it fully. DH isn’t bad. He’s certainly better than this tunisian guy we had give us massages at a 5 star hotel in Tunisia one time. That was your kind of rubbing oil lightly all over crappy massage. So not fun.
Nice belly! Hope the support belt comes in soon and helps to get rid of the pain.

8 02 2010

Hi there – I tried to leave you a message a few hours ago but the internet cut out right after I had written it…Grrrrr. Pregnancy does not bring out much patience in me!!

I am sorry that your massage was so bad. It sounds like the guy had no idea about pregnancy.

I love your belly shots. You look fantastic. I can’t wait to see photos of your little ones in the coming weeks. x

8 02 2010

wow! Great pics! You are amazing. I don’t want anyone to touch me (massage would not go over well) and I don’t want to go to any parties now as it is. And you are still out and about. Cheers! Do you even need the belt thingy? You’re so close!

8 02 2010

You look great! I can’t even see your stretch marks, but thanks for making me feel not alone! 🙂 I am glad the pain is a little better, but I’m so sorry you had such a sucky Friday! Those guys are complete jerks!!

8 02 2010

What a beautiful BEAUTIFUL belly!! xoxo

8 02 2010

yuck! hopefully things will turn around. i agree, can’t see the stretch marks, but who cares? your belly is beautiful. just think-there are two little people in there!!! can you even believe it? i’m still in denial and my 4 month olds are asleep in the next room!!

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