33w3d – Contraction Marathon

9 02 2010

I had what I am calling a “Contraction Marathon” yesterday afternoon.  All was well until about 2:30 pm (let me backup, I had two pinpricks of pink/red blood when I wiped in the AM – yes, I still check like a freak. every. time. I. pee.)…I started to feel contractions, but they felt like what I have been feeling over the last few weeks – short and irregular.  Well, at about 3:00, I felt like they meant business – they were coming more frequently but I was able to ignore them, thinking they were BH.  They continued so I called my MFM at 4:00 – they said to keep hydrating and to keep an eye on them and to call back if they got worse.

At 5:00, I started counting and I had 15, yes, 15 in an hour with varying frequency.  So, off to triage to get checked out.  The monitor showed that I was contracting every 4-7 minutes, and some were quite intense.  I was only scared for about 10 seconds – I would not let myself believe that this was it – Mr. M wanted to bring a hospital bag of sorts and I would not let him – I told him we were going to be going home, that these babies were not allowed out for at least 2 more weeks…

They did a fetal fibronectin test – negative – woo hoo! and checked my cervix (this time, the doctor used an 18 wheeler to get up there and check my cervix) and my cervix was “thick, closed and posterior”.  However, I am bleeding brown blood from the exams – this is the first time that I have bled from a cervical check and it is freaking me out – they told me brown blood is okay but that if it turns red, to come back in right away…

They gave me some IV fluids – but I was still contracting every 4-7 minutes.  Since all was looking well – they let me come home – I have been contracting on and off but I did get some sleep.  I woke up at 4:50 am because I was starving – and I just inhaled some cinn.amon toast crun.ch cereal…

I have a NST today – they want me to still go in for it – and a growth u/s, dr’s appt and NST on Friday with bi-weekly NSTs and once weekly MFM appointments from here on out – so they will be able to stay on top of what is going on.

I am trying to put all my faith in the fetal fibronectin test – and hoping that I have at least 2 more weeks…




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9 02 2010

I feel for you! It is so hard that we don’t have control over our bodies during pregnancy and birth.
I’m glad that the health professionals are monitoring you so closely. It sounds as though the babies are doing really well and are nice and strong. I’ll be thinking of you and hoping for another few weeks of good growth time.

9 02 2010

So pleased by the results of the fibronectin test, but sheesh! I wish you could get some rest! The tension sounds totally exhausting.

9 02 2010

Yes, put all your faith in that fibronectin test!

Mmmmmmmmmmmm…cinnamon toast crunch! Delish.

Rest up–all three of youze. Oh yeah, and your uterus too.

9 02 2010

Sounds scary! Even if they come now, they most likely will need minimal support in the NICU. Hope they can stay in there another 2 weeks though!

9 02 2010

An 18 wheeler! LOL! And ouch!

I’m glad you’re ok. Stay in there babies!

Can you believe I haven’t had a cervical check, at 18 weeks? Don’t they start pretty soon?

Hope you get some rest.

9 02 2010

Congrats on the FFN, sounds like we both had similar days, though yours sounds undeniably scarier! I hope they stay in until the day they are as well-baked as they can possibly be. The FFN is supposed to be very reliable so lets cross our fingers these next two weeks!

9 02 2010

wow. i really hope those babies stay put for a little while longer! keeping my fingers crossed!!! (but i also can’t wait to hear about those babies! 🙂 )

9 02 2010

Crossing my fingers they stay put for just a little while longer! By the way….how funny, cinnamon toast crunch is my favorite as well. Are you off your feet and resting now??

9 02 2010

You still have 2+ more weeks. You still have 2+ more weeks. You still have 2+ more weeks. You still have 2+ more weeks. Got it?!?!!? LOL.

9 02 2010

oh me oh my…what a day you had! i hope your hope for at least two more weeks comes true.

10 02 2010

Shit, it sounds freaky to me. On the other hand, the FFN is good, and you’re in a pretty good place week-wise so it’s all good right? Oh, and I voted for 35 weeks. 🙂

10 02 2010

Hang on tight little ones, only a couple more weeks please!

There’s an award for you on my blog 🙂

11 02 2010
IF Optimist (Traci)

Glad to know that the FFN test was negative, but good gosh golly gracious! Hope that things calm down a bit for you to get some rest and tell those little ones that baking is not done until mommy yells “DING!” I voted for 37 weeks.

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