Acid Party All Night; Blog Award

11 02 2010

It is 3:30 am – I have been up since 2:30 with HORRIBLE acid reflux – my own fault.  I ate M&Ms with kettle korn at 8:00 pm…so I had a piece of bread when I woke up to soak up the acid…started reading other blogs, got hungry, ate about five mint milan.o cookies and two glasses of milk.   Sigh – now I will never get to sleep!

I think Spice has really dropped – his heart rate is being picked up way below my belly button and just above my pubic line – I can feel such squirminess down low – it is so amazing.

The Worms has nominated me for an award – thanks girl!  The instructions that go along with this award are as follows:* Thank the person who nominated you for this award.* Copy the award and place it in your blog.* Link the person who nominated you for this award.* Tell us 7 interesting things about you.* Nominate 7 bloggers.* Post the links to the 7 bloggers you nominate.

So, seven “interesting” things about me, hmmmmm, hard to think of, sorry if most are pg related:

1) I have a flip flop slipper obsession – I love them and wear them all the time.  I just got a new pair and I am loving them – too bad we have 20 inches of snow or else I would wear them outside…

2) I am hope, hope, hoping that I will be able to deliver – although earlier tonight while going to the bathroom, I was like – how in the hell is a baby’s head going to come through there…it was a bit daunting…

3) I need to be busy – this modified bed rest is great if it keeps Sugar and Spice in for a few more weeks, but damn, without my lists and little projects, I would go crazy – I am currently going to design and order my niece’s (through marriage) wedding shower invitations – any websites that you have used and liked??  Also, what do you think of the announcements I am considering, click here.  BTW, my mobility and endurance are at an all time low – I literally am only leaving the house for dr’s appointments – Mr. M is taking me to the mall this weekend – I will be pushed in a wheel.chair.

4) I hate clutter and I *think* Mr. M and my stepson believe I am a clean freak – I am not, the dust bunnies under my couches would convince you (I am going to bet my mom to scrub my floors when she comes down) BUT I cannot throw away (or donate) any books – I have hundreds – some that I will read again (the thorn bird.s being on the top of that list) but I am really hoping that either Sugar or Spice will be an avid reader like me and will read these books someday.  I am so excited to buy complete sets of the original Drew and the Har.dy Boy mysteries for them…

5) Most of the time I do not believe that we are going to have two healthy babies in a few weeks – I just keep getting scared that something will go wrong…

6) I love to cook and bake – I have not been doing much of it, okay, any, – I have been buying all of our meals at a locally owned meal prep place – a retired woman owns it and she makes the best stuff.

7) I wish I lived closer to my sisters – I miss them and regret that I miss their kids’ milestones.

Okay, now I need to link to seven other bloggers – I sort of dislike this part – so hard to choose – I love all the people I blog with – but I guess I will link to the other women I blog with that are currently pregnant with twins as well.

1) PJ

2) Bella

3) Traci

4) Miss MVK

5) Katie

6) Lexie

7) K




4 responses

11 02 2010

Oh I heart Nancy Drew. I had the complete set. Then I got into Sweet Valley High…sigh. I love to read and lately have not been doing it enough…been baking instead 🙂

That is a LOT of twin pregnancies, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised in the world of IF, right? I hope your acid calms down and these next two weeks can be restful and peaceful.

11 02 2010

Thanks for the nomination. Maybe I’ll actually get around to it…. 🙂
I’m with you on number 5. We talk about that every day.

11 02 2010

🙂 i love reading these things and catching a glimpse of things people don’t know. 🙂

b hates to get rid of books, too. we seem to have a million….

21 02 2010
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