34 Weeks! The Irrational and the Rational

12 02 2010

I am 34 weeks today – woot!!!  I had a marathon of doctors appointments this morning – I am really tired (very little sleep in last few days) so I am going to resort to bullet points…

  • Growth u/s freaked me out – from the measurements, they only grew 5 or 6 ounces in 3 weeks…that being said, they are still in the 70th percentile for singletons…that being said, I still brought it up at my MFM appointment as freaking me out.  The doctor was not concerned – he said that these are estimates and that a cm could put the weight estimate off by a half pound.  All they care about is that they are still growing and that they are not growing discordantly – and they are not – only a 2% difference between our boy and girl.  The MFM practice has actually tried to get the u/s department to stop putting weight estimates down since they can be so off…that being said, still concerned but feel better because this doctor has 30 years experience and knows his shit…
  • In addition to my freak out about the growth, I told him I was afraid I had listeria…I have been pretty careful about what I eat – that being said, I was craving and had to have a reub.en sandwich at a very reputable deli last week – okay, since they are blistering hot off the grill…well I started munching away while I was talking to Mr. M – and I realized it was cold…I took the rest home and heated it up to finish it. Yesterday I had some chills when I first woke up and a temp of 99.6…so I was petrified that I had listeria and that I had doomed my babies.  I called the doc and the nurse said to call back if fever continues or any other symptoms develop – fever went away, no other symptoms.  I brought it up to my doc this morning and he said the two were not related and to not worry about it…I could knock myself out with the guilt.
  • Sugar has moved!  I did not think that was possible due to the space constraints – just 10 days ago, they were both head down…not anymore. Spice is head down and his head is in fact wedged in my pelvis, ready to go.  Sugar, however, is now transverse at the top of my uterus with his legs on top of her – no wonder I cannot breath, eat or sleep!!!  She is smashing my stomach and diaphragm – but I hope that it makes her more comfortable!
  • So, we discussed delivery.  I absolutely can try a vaginal birth since Spice is head down and ready to go.  The doctor today said that most of the attendings in MFM have plenty of experience doing extractions (i.e. yanking baby number 2 out manually if they do not turn head down after baby number 1 is delivered) but that some of the fellows – who work nights and weekends – may not be as experienced and may suggest an c section after the first is delivered vaginally…  That being said – he advised me to question them and their experience – and to have them page their attending if the situation warrants – translation – do not be forced into a c section if it is truly not for the benefit of the babies and more for convenience or inexperience of the fellow.  Good to know – especially since he is an old timer in the practice – I will throw his name around if I need to.
  • I still have twice weekly non stress tests and now once weekly doctor’s appointments.  I have another growth u/s scheduled for 37 weeks if I am still pregnant at that time.  I had a non stress test today – both babies doing well.
  • I am trying not to freak out about the first two bullet points – please tell me not to worry!



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12 02 2010

Happy 34 weeks!

I’ve read that the growth estimates are truly just estimates and often when a baby is born people are shocked by how off it is…. but the good thing is they did grow. The doc does this day in and day out and with all the monitoring you are getting I’m sure they’d pounce at the slightest issue. Don’t worry!!!! They’re almost here 🙂

12 02 2010
Miss MVK

Go Sugar! Go Spice! Go Mama! You are getting sooo close. Did your special order brace thing come in yet? I must say the Prenatal Cradle does work somewhat, but it makes me puke because it’s constricting. Hm. I had so much pain on Wednesday night/Thursday morning that I couldn’t walk without crying in pain (which I have never been known to do). Multiple pregnancy is brutal, right?

Anyway, I am excited for you that you’re 34w and everything is looking so good!

12 02 2010

Happy 34 weeks!
Please do not worry!
these folks see so many more pregnancies than we can imagine, if this person is someone you know and trust, and whose philosophies mesh with yours, try to relax if you can. A little. It will be ok.

Estimates are estimates. Please do not worry.

12 02 2010

Actually, 70th percentile for singletons sounds like those are some damned big babies! Seriously. And I think you’re fine with the listeria-fears. My understanding is that you’d be in trouble right away, and a 99 degree fever upon awakening is just normal temp. fluctuation.

34 weeks, sweetie – you are so close, and it’s getting so exciting! So pleased that your doc is being supportive of your wishes for a v-birth, so fingers will remain firmly crossed til then.

(And I get to say this, because I’m totally the queen of worrying, but please try not to worry!)

12 02 2010

I’d say you’re pretty well in the clear, my dear. I don’t think you have anything to freak out about……….except, ok. I wasn’t going to say anything, but I think I’d be opting for the c-section if you wind up in a room full of the semi-experienced. I’m jaded. Mr. W has seen the flip side of that potential mess. It’s not pretty.

12 02 2010
The Nanny

That’s awesome that the doc isn’t pushing you into a c/section! 🙂 All is well, and your babies sound just great. 🙂

12 02 2010

Trust the doctor. If he’s not worried, and he has 30 years of experience, the growth thing should be ok. Don’t they kind of slow down at the end anyway, when they run out of room?

The whole listeria thing is such a pain. Feeling guilty about eating a sammich, ugh!

I can’t wait to hear about the birth! I”m excited that you are so close!

Cervical check for me, next OB appointment – so 23 weeks. From what you said, I’m quite ok with waiting for that!

12 02 2010

There is nothing anyone can say to stop you from worrying, but I know that in your heart you know that everything is just fine. Hugs.

And I am sooo praying that you don’t pop one out vaginally and the other by c-section. You will deserve a massage a day for life if you have to recover from that!

13 02 2010

i hope sugar turns after spice is born! and while i know that you’re serious about your concerns with getting listeria from the rueben sandwich, i thought the way you arote it was adorable and hilarious. i frequently indulge in no-no’s and am still alive as is my baby, so i’m sure you’re okay too. but isn’t it something the way we can guilt ourselves over certain things? best of luck in the final stretch of your pregnancy!! i’m so happy for you.

13 02 2010

Trust me, u/s at this point can be way off, it was for our little peanuts. Don’t worry about the listeria, I have had some cooler lunch meat during pregnancy accidentally and all is fine with the babies and yours will be fine too. I am so excited for you to meet them, just a few more weeks!!!!!!!! Hang in there!

13 02 2010

I like your doc. I don’t think there’s anything to worry about with the growth. They’ll check again in a couple weeks, I’d bet. Then you’ll know if the measurements were just off, or if there’s a reason to deliver early.
Extraction of second twin usually works well – have seen it lots during my training. Definitely the fellow should call in the attending to help out if they’re not experienced enough themselves. I’d absolutely expect it.
I’ve eaten quite a few things I shouldn’t have through the pregnancy. Brie, Camembert, not-so-steaming hot reheated pepperoni on pizza, sushi. I think if you’re feeling back to normal, you should take your doctor’s advice and not worry about it. Chances of listeria are darn small!

13 02 2010

yea for 34 weeks 🙂 …could be any day now 🙂 woo hoo!!!

i think your doc knows whats going on and you should trust him 🙂


14 02 2010
Miss MVK

Isn’t the “Look Ma New Hands” lotion the absolute BEST?! Love love love! Cannot live without it! Did I tell you to get the super super minty lipbalm that comes in a tube? It’s a kelly green tube, comes tinted, etc, but I just use the clear one that’s the mintiest. For some reason it helped me when I was in labor. And look at you all fancy, making GIFT BAGS for the nurses. I must take a cue from you on that one!!

As for something for the OB that delivers your babies, is it a she? Do you happen to know if she likes tea? I never used to be a tea drinker but have become obsessed in the past three months with Teavana. Do you have a Teavana near you? If yes, email me (my addy is on my sidebar). I will give you the lowdown. 🙂 If you’re not sure, how about a gift card for a nice restaurant? Maybe you can ask his/her nurse about a favorite spot? Always a hit in my book.


14 02 2010

Hi! Stopping by from MVK’s blog. I have 3 1/2 month old triplets and I was as worried as you at the end of our wild-ride pregnancy.

DON’T PANIC! You don’t have Listeria. But I had completely convinced myself I had Tetanus after dropping a knife on my foot. My doctor only made a little fun of me. 😉 Those sweet babies sound HUGE! Keep ’em growing, lady. You are doing an awesome job and you are likethisclose!


14 02 2010

Don’t worry!

I’ve broken down a few times and had deli meat, and I’m still just fine. And your babies are still bigger than mine!

It’s only a matter of days (or weeks) now… Do you have anything left to get ready?

15 02 2010

34 weeks wow!

Try not to worry about the other stuff, u/s are off they were off a pound and half with my last pregnancy.

Awesome news about a V birth 🙂 Hoping and crosing my fingers you get that!

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