Stroller Question; Pain and Puke Fest – Thanks Miss MVK!!!!

16 02 2010

We decided to go with the BOB – my husband is shitting glass over the price tag – but I convinced him we agree that it fits our long term needs.  For you twin moms – do you also use a less-expensive umbrella type stroller for short excursions?  If so, which double umbrella do you like?

Connections make blogging so amazing – and one of the connections I have made is with Miss MVK – if you have not checked out her blog – please do. She is an amazing mother to her son and is currently expecting identical twin boys – and she has a great sense of humor.  We have been sharing many of the same symptoms that a twin pregnancy brings – non-stop puking in the first tri (complete with toilet facials) and now excruciating acid reflux and pelvic pain.  Miss MVK summed it up perfectly – a “pain and puke fest”!

One of the other things I really like about Miss MVK, and a point that I fully agree with her on, is the feeling that it the pain and puke fest is all worth it – and then some, I would take so much more to make sure that Sugar and Spice get here safely.  And to think that we are going to have babies after all we have been through – I am so grateful and feel like we are the luckiest people in the world.

So, as I go down the list of issues, I do with with complete and utter gratitude that I am still pregnant and that my little ones get bigger and healthier every single day – but I hope that this helps other women who are pregnant, with twins or otherwise, that are experiencing some of the same issues.

  • My listeria fears have subsided – not gone – since it can rear its ugly head up to 30 days after you eat the offending item;
  • I did get fitted for and received the pelvic support belt my doctor prescribed – WORTHLESS – I cannot sit down with it on.  So, I am going to continue with tylenol – I have not gotten to the point where I have succumbed to one of my doctor’s suggestions to take it with and hope to avoid that;
  • Since Sugar is now transverse at the top of my uterus, my acid and heartburn have quadrupled – the only things that are keeping the agony relatively manageable are:  not eating after 5:00 pm and not going to bed until at least 10 or 11; eating bland foods; taking zanta.c; and sleeping sitting up;
  • Even though I am doing what I can with regard to the above bullet point, I am waking up multiple times per night and staying up between 2ish and 5ish; and
  • The colostrum is really starting to leak out of my ninnies – yay – I am hoping that it means my milk will be plentiful.

I could go on and on but I am boring myself and Sugar is using my ute as a mosh pit right now – so I am going to sit back and enjoy watching her shake her stuff!




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16 02 2010

Uggh – Sorry to hear about your symptoms. It seems that a twin pregnancy can cause such a load on your body. I’m glad that you have found some twin pregnancy blogging friends.
Hugs. x

16 02 2010

I’ll be interested in reading your comments on the stroller. So far we’re just doing the snap and go w/ the car seats to start out with, and will invest in a side by side later.

I’ve had a few good nights in a row, and with those I made sure to have something bland for dinner (grilled chicken and veggies/hot turkey, mushroom and mozzerella sammies – so boring). I also read not to drink anything anywhere near bedtime, and I think that might be helping. Um, tums on the bedside – am so tums dependent. Zantac 150 w/breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 5000 pillows and sleeping sitting up for a few hours. Although from what you say about sugar being transverse, I wonder if my top bunker moving vertical has helped. Obviously my babies are much smaller though… so maybe not.

16 02 2010


i’m also excited to see what people say about the stroller. we have the city classic…but definitely need something a little smaller, i think. i’ve heard of some people just doing a single umbrella while they put another kid in the bijorn or other front/back carrier. i think that could work out okay at times. we also have the snap and go double right now and i think we have used it for it’s $100 worth. the kids still have 10 lbs to go before they are too heavy for the infant car seats, so my guess is we’ll get a little more use out of it! 😉

glad that you no longer think you have listeria! you’re soooo close! i know i say it all of the time, but honestly, you are. and you won’t even remember these times in a few weeks!!

16 02 2010
Miss MVK

Aw, I am so flattered! And I am so happy that we made our connection too, especially being so close in terms of our ‘due dates’ (all relative with multiples are you know too well). It is so nice to have a partner in puke, I have felt so comforted knowing that there is someone out there who is feeling just the same way I am!

Before I forget, have you tried Prilosec? Zantac worked for me OK but once I switched to Prilosec, my heartburn and reflux improved a lot. It’s something to do with the type of acid blocker in each. Apparently Prilosec blocks the acid before it can form? I might be talking out of my heiny here. Actually, it’s more than likely.

Thank you again for the shout out! So happy we connected and so excited that Sugar and Spice are making their way here in a few weeks!

16 02 2010

Sorry about all the pressure and symptoms but it’s for a great cause. I can’t believe your 34 weeks.

17 02 2010

Ugh, those symptoms do not sound pleasant AT ALL. While I get it that you would (and have) walked through hell and back to get where you are and would suffer a million symptoms–sheesh! You deserve a break, that’s all I’m sayin’. Hoping you get some relief in these last few weeks!

17 02 2010

The discomfort at the end was almost unbearable. I think that’s why I am dealing okay with the sleep loss…I’m tired, but I feel so much better now that I’m not swollen to the point of not being able to move. So, the end is in sight my friend! Hang in there! You are right, it’s so worth it when you get to go home from the hospital with your sweet babies!!

17 02 2010

Two cents from the parent of a singleton…
If you do end up getting an umbrella stroller, try not to spend too much on it. I have found that even when I take “short” excursions, I still need my diaper bag full of stuff (and blankets/coats) so I like having my full sized stroller to keep all that gear. The only time I use my umbrella stroller (which was $20) is to walk in my neighborhood. Also, take note if the umbrella stroller reclines or not. If not, you’ll have to wait until S & S are a few months old (maybe even more) until they can sit up in an umbrella stroller. And take note if it has a shade if you plan to use it outside. And my SIL got a lightweight stroller that unfortunately still folds like a full-sized one, so if that makes a difference to you (and fitting into your car) check that feature out before buying.

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