Triage – Always, Always, Always Go

18 02 2010

I have an amazing IRL friend – I’ll call her SF – with whom I have shared quite a bit of my IF journey with.  We met after my second IVF, which was after her first failed IVF.  We supported each other through another cycle, she had a miscarriage and I had a BFN.  We ended up switching clinics and going to the other’s!  Long story short, we ended up being pregnant together – 4 days apart – with boy/girl twins.

SF and I talked quite a bit – talked each other through first trimester anxiety, second trimester highs and the third trimester discomforts.  SF has an amazing sense of humor and always makes me laugh.  The third trimester also found us sharing our various triage stories and questioning whether or not we should go or whether we should have went.

SF called me last night (Wednesday) – she was in triage.  SF had menstrual like cramping all night and it continued throughout the day with some serious contractions thrown in.  She got to triage – and when we spoke, she was hoping to go home – but the protein in her urine was a 4 and her blood pressure, which had always been normal or below normal, was 130 something over 92.  Her cervix check revealed that her cervix was thinning out but she was not dilated yet.  They were keeping her to run more tests…we talked again and they were waiting on results…I did not hear from her for a while and when I tried to call her, her phone went to voicemail.

SF called me a little after midnight – they did a c-section to deliver her little ones – the preeclampsia happened so fast – she was fine at her appt this past Thursday – that they did not want to take any risks.   SF is is truly amazing – and already a great mother – and I cannot wait to see her and her babies (they are in the NICU but are doing well).  I cannot sleep – I really want to get in my car and go give her a huge hug!!

I wanted to put this out there – mostly because I am overjoyed for her that she is okay and that the babies are okay – as a reminder that advocating for ourselves – and not being afraid to go to triage for the 5th time – can save our lives and our babies lives.   My commitment to continue to act for myself and my little ones is bolstered by SF’s bravery and courage – and I urge all of you to call your doctors, to go to the ER or to triage when things “do not feel right”.  I know it is especially hard for some of us infertiles – what we have been through makes it hard to keep calling and going in – for fear that we are “overreacting” or that we are overly anxious.

I cannot wait to see them!




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18 02 2010
IF Optimist

So glad your friend and her little ones are doing fine. Posting information like this is so helpful and I really appreciate it. Hope you are feeling good and wishing you the best now that you have reached 35 weeks!

18 02 2010

How scary – so glad they’re doing ok, and glad you put the reminder out there to advocate for ourselves. Hope she brings them home soon!

18 02 2010

Congrats to her! At this point, I don’t really care if the doctors think I’m an idiot. They’re there to keep an eye on things, and should be glad if people show up at triage to be assessed if something’s “off” rather than waiting till the shit really hits the fan.
You’ll both have lots of fun raising your twins with each other’s support in the near future. Hope all goes well with the babies!

18 02 2010


So happy SF’s is doing well. It’s amazing how quickly things seem to go downhill, but the dr’s are just as quick to get babies to safety 🙂

18 02 2010
Melissa G

Well said. If there’s anything we’ve learned from IF it’s to become your own advocate… It only makes sense that it would apply to pregnancy as well.


18 02 2010

How fun for you to have a friend to go through twin pregnancy with!!!

Thanks for posting this. I’m glad I went on Tuesday to get the cervix checked, they were really nice and encouraged me to come in anytime. I’ll be much more relaxed now if I need to go again. Or to the ER. I also went ahead and set up an appointment for next week to have my cervix measured via u/s. Proactive, not reactive, right? 🙂

Hope you’re doing well. 🙂

19 02 2010

Thanks for the good advice – very true.

It will be a beautiful experience to see your friend’s twins…And not long to go now for you too!

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