Still Preggers; Award

21 02 2010

We are still here!  I did some major research on cervical effacement – it really could be a few more weeks!  Honestly, this is fine by me – I would really, really like to make it to 37 weeks.  Yes – I am physically miserable and it really, really hurts to roll over when I sleep and get up to go to the bathroom but all the physical discomforts in the world are worth it if it means Sugar and Spice are in better shape when they are welcomed into the world!

I woke up this morning and thought it was it – I had some serious lower back pain and menstrual cramp like lower abdomen pain – whether I was standing or sitting.  But it tapered off throughout the day and I just feel tired now!  I really wanted to go see – I read the book and liked it – but I was afraid of distressing the babies – they really jump around in the movie theater because it is so loud!

Sprogblogger – thank you so much for nominating me for the beautiful blogger award!  Sprogblogger has been one of my biggest supporters and her days of grace posts make me smile every day!  I actually just posted about the award after The Worms nominated me – you can find that post here.  You ladies rock – thank you so much for thinking of me!




6 responses

21 02 2010

Thinking positive thoughts for you!! Hoping you make it to 37 weeks, I know you can!

21 02 2010

Yeah for still being preggers! I hope you keep on keeping on and push a couple of more weeks–you are truly a trouper!

21 02 2010

Good to hear from you! I have been thinking of you sweetie!

22 02 2010

You are going to make it sweetie and it’s all going to be soooooooo worth it!! You so deserve this!

22 02 2010

🙂 you’re doing such an awesome job. seriously! i’m so proud of you. these kiddos don’t even know what a fantastic mommy you are! 🙂


22 02 2010

Woohoo! You’re doing so great! Hang in there!!!!!!!!!!

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