Trip to Triage #4,567; My Friend’s Beautiful Babies

22 02 2010

I am exhausted.  I barely slept last night – I had tons of lower back pain and menstrual-like cramping with regular contractions.  I also felt as though the babies were moving less, which I have heard is normal during contractions because not only are they cramped as it is but when I contract, the uterus is even tighter.  I called my doctor’s on call service and they said to go in.

I was in fact having contractions all over the place – the worst ones I have had to date – so they checked my cervix and guess what…not a thing has changed since Friday!  And the babies looked fabulous.  My MFM practice is at the hospital that I go to – and one of the doctor’s came up and said that he would like me to stay for two more hours to check my cervix again – and I said only on one condition – if he let me eat!  I have to eat every two hours or I am a total wreck.  My sweet husband got me scrambled eggs, hash browns and toast and I ate it like I hadn’t eaten in a month.

They checked my cervix again – same – and I was so relieved – I really, really want to make it to 37 weeks – preferably 38 weeks.  Honestly though, this is so hard – I have never done this before so I cannot tell when I am really in labor – and trust me, some of the contractions were no joke!  I guess I will know….right?  I told my husband I am sick of triage and only wanted to go back if there was a head breeching…

While I was there, I saw my friend SF – she looked gorgeous – and she took me to the NICU to see her babies – they were perfect in every way – and so beautiful I cried – I am so happy for her.  We talked about how each was envious of the other – me of her because her babies are here and apart from being little peanuts, they are perfect and her worries about them dying inside of her are gone (trust me, I know they are replaced with other worries) and she of me because Sugar and Spice are still baking.  We agreed that we would not be at ease until our four babies are at home!

I have to say – I am really proud of my uterus and cervix – my body has sucked ass at pregnancy – and they are holding their own and taking care of us.




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22 02 2010

Whew. I am glad that everything is okay. Crossing my fingers for a few more weeks for you!

22 02 2010
Melissa G

Glad to hear those babies are still cookin’, but sorry that you’ve been in so much pain!


22 02 2010

Hi there,

I am thinking of you!

You have done a wonderful job of nurturing Sugar and Spice. And when the time comes for them to arrive in this world you will be a fantastic mother. They are lucky to have you.

22 02 2010

Glad your body is holding up! It’s good that you keep going to triage though, it’s better to be sure. I hope Sugar and Spice continue to bake. 🙂

22 02 2010

so glad all is well…and so proud of you and your body as you nourish your little ones in utero for just a couple more weeks (knock on wood)…hard to believe it’s this close to reality. and so glad you are hanging in there and doing well…considering. 🙂

22 02 2010
Miss MVK

I know contractions are no joke! And the whole “you forget once you hold your baby” thing is a lie! BUT but but….the end result. So totally and completely worth all this pain and agony and even if you remember the pain (you will) you would do it all again in a second for your babies.

All this false alarm stuff must be exhausting (not to mention how exhausted you are just you know, SITTING THERE). It’s so emotionally and physically draining! Thinking of you and so proud of your strong uterus and cervix!


22 02 2010

No more false alarms babies–your mom needs some rest!

23 02 2010

Glad to hear they’re still thriving inside you. Hope you can get another 1-2 weeks out of the pregnancy!

23 02 2010

Way to go, Uterus & Cervix! Seriously, this sounds maddening and frustrating and more than a little frightening. So glad that the kiddos are doing so wonderfully well, and I hope you get no more false alarms, but get to coast for a few more weeks. Thinking of you, and hoping for an easy few more weeks for you!

24 02 2010

So does that mean you won’t go to triage until your husband actually sees a heading popping through???? LOL.

You’re going GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! You are my pregnancy hero 🙂

25 02 2010

Finally catching up on your blog after being barely conscious for the past week and you’re making me cry my eyes out. I am so, so excited for you and cheering on you and your sweet babies every single day. They will be here before you know it, and you have done an amazing job of being their mother already! Cheers to a head popping out soon!!

And thanks for the note about advocating for yourself… I’m so very grateful that you and I both always make the right decision, and that we’ve had one another as cheerleaders reminding us to do so.

SF 🙂

26 02 2010

Thinking of you lisa, you are doing such a great job, your body totally rocks at baby carrying! Not long to go till you meet them, although I hope you get another week or two. I’m really excited for you! Brace yourself for the onslaught of mummyhood, it is so consuming but so very worth it! Will be reading your blog avidly waiting for news.

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