36 Weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26 02 2010

Wow.  I made it to 36 weeks with twins.  I cannot believe it!  This was my personal goal all along and I am so incredibly overjoyed to be here right now.  Grow Sugar and Spice, grow!!!  I cannot believe that my ticker, which I put up on July 12, is on the last picture…

I had a non-stress test today – they had to buzz Spice to wake him up (that freaked me out) but the results of the NST were just fine.

The doctor checked my cervix – 1 cm dilated, cervix completely soft and still effaced at 50% and Spice is at -1 station – so there has been progress since my trip to triage on Monday.  She said now all we need are contractions to get things going!  Also – tmi ahead – I have had little “spurts” of discharge – some clear, some brown, some pink over the last few days – she checked it – not amniotic fluid but she thinks it was my mucous plug coming out bit by bit.

I am not going to pretend to know when I will go into labor – it could be tonight – it could be two weeks from now – but I am just enjoying the fact that I have made it this far.

I also asked about when they induce twins – she said unless there was a reason to get the babies out beforehand – their practice is not to induce twins prior to 39 weeks.  Gulp.  But – she said that she did not think I would need to be induced – all signs point to going into labor on my own.

Here is a 36 week belly pic and pictures of the nursery!




8 responses

26 02 2010

Congratulations! And that belly looks beautiful! (As does your nursery, of course!) Hope they get a couple more weeks of baking in there, but you’re past the scary time – every bit now is extra nice, but – well, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

26 02 2010

WHOOO HOOO!!!!! I’m so excited for you!! It looks like things are moving beautifully.

BTW- I LOVE your cribs and have been searching for one exactly like that. What brand did you get?

26 02 2010
The Nanny

YAY congrats!!! Here’s to a few more weeks of healthy cooking babies 🙂

26 02 2010

OMG I imagine that you’re doing a little happy dance in your head that you made it to 36 weeks. I’m checking your blog constantly for going-into-labor updates. LOL.

26 02 2010

Congrats on making it to 36 weeks! That’s AWESOME!

Your furniture looks a LOT like the stuff we picked out! Is it, by chance, the Delta Eclipse?

Love the shelves above the changing table. I am thinking we’ll do that too.

Talk to me about the chair. My husband likes it. Is it made for two? Does it glide? Does it have an ottoman?

39 weeks? Ohmygosh, I can’t even imagine!

26 02 2010

36 weeks is fantastic! Congratulations. Hope you go into labour in the next week or so – I can’t imagine getting to 38-39 weeks with twins! You’re looking totally awesome, BTW. Nice belly!

26 02 2010

congratulations! i’m so happy for you and your babes. 36 weeks with twins is a real accomplishment! 🙂 thanks for keeping us up on the scoop…i’ve been wondering how you’re doing and if you’d gone into labor…major excitement!!

26 02 2010

Look at you go! Even if getting here was hard, your body has been a champ and BEING pregnant!

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