Bloody Good Show

27 02 2010

I think they are going to name a room after me in triage…Mr. M and I went to the movies tonight – and at the end, I felt a little spurt of discharge, which I have felt a million times over the last two weeks.  I then went to the bathroom, wiped and saw what looked to be RED BLOOD.  I looked in the toilet and there was a bunch of blood in there too.  Freak out ensued.  I went out to the lobby and told Mr. M and that we had to go to triage right away.  I called my doc’s on-call service and talked to the MFM on call – he said to come in of course.  I got there – and the only thing coming out at that point was dark brown blood.

They hooked the babies up ASAP, for which I am grateful, because I was terrified that my placenta had detached and one of my little sweeties was dying – it was terrifying.  The babies looked great on the monitors, they did a cervix check – still 1 cm dilated, but now 60% effaced.  No active bleeding seen and since I am not cramping, all seems to be well with Sugar and Spice.  They also checked to make sure my water did not break and did a quick scan on the babies and they looked great.

So.  We are home now and I googled the shite out of “bloody show” and have read about a variety of experiences – some with actual mucous plugs coming out, some with brown, pink or red blood.  I am feeling so much better after reading about all of the variations on bloody show – and that mine was red seems to be okay. Still no crystal ball on when I will go into labor – some websites say within hours/days, others say a week or so. I am still feeling like I have two personalities – one wants them to bake a while longer and the other wants to walk, eat, sleep, not be in constant pelvic pain and be completely exhausted anymore.  I feel like a selfish biotch for admitting that.




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27 02 2010

Geeze. I hope your next trip to triage is the real deal!

And don’t feel a bit bad about wanting your body back. Lord knows I’m grateful to be pregnant, but I’m already feeling uncomfortable. This twin pregnancy thing is HARD on the body.

28 02 2010

OMG I would have been terrified! Does bloody show mean youre almost there???

Haha about naming a triage room after you, sometimes I am so touched that office staff and nurses know me on sight, sometimes I wonder if its because I’m their most frequent flier, lol.

28 02 2010

You’re not selfish, you have really had the worst of all possible symptoms/pains. I am excited that you’re getting close!!!

28 02 2010

My dear a little selfishness when your pelvis feels as if it’s being torn asunder, not such a big deal!

28 02 2010

your body has not been your own for a long time now 🙂 (and won’t be for a long time now)…you’re allowed to be a little selfish!

it’s so funny to me to hear all of your stories since i never got to experience what you’re going through!!

hang in there! can’t be long now, right? right??

28 02 2010

I’m thinking that things are getting really close! How exciting! I’m kind of bummed that I most likely won’t get to experience “labor.” Promise you’ll share your birth experience! Good luck and I’ll be blog stalking from the hospital this week!

28 02 2010

So excited you are 36 weeks! Can’t wait to “meet” your sweet babes!!! I’ll be thinking of you and hoping for a smooth and safe delivery in the coming days/ weeks!!!

28 02 2010

So you think once Sugar and Spice arrive you won’t be constantly exhausted?? Guess again, sista!!!!! LMAO.

Get your sleep now while you can because you’ll be getting even LESS sleep when they arrive. I know that may seem hard to believe, but I was getting just a few hours a sleep a day, and I had a singleton.

I’m so anxious for you to go into labor. You know how many of us are on pins and needles waiting for you? LOL.

1 03 2010

I really hope you have the same relief I had after giving birth. My heartburn/acid reflux and nausea went away IMMEDIATELY. I swear, as soon as EJ came out, my discomfort in those areas vanished.

1 03 2010

You are so not selfish! I feel the same way! You are only a few days away from “full term” so I bet those babes would be 100% good to go even if they did decide to make their grand entrance at your last triage visit. I think you are so, so, so close… Closer than me, I think- which makes me a little jealous of you. 🙂

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