Yay for March Babies!!! (Not here yet!!)

1 03 2010

Wow – we made it to March!  I never thought I would – and yes, I am very happy for my babies to have made it this far.  I will be 37 weeks on Friday – whoa – which is full term for even singleton babies!!!  Woot!  I am in pretty good spirits today – like I have gotten a second wind to make it however far this ride takes us.  On another note – I think I have PUPPPs…it started out small around my belly button – and is spreading to my lower stomach…not as bad as my friend Miss MVK, who likens the scratching to that of a feral cat…ouch!

I have a non-stress test tomorrow, growth ultrasound, doctor’s appointment and another NST on Friday.  I am also going to try and squeeze in a few meetings with friends and a manicure.

On a cute baby wear note – I bought Sugar this and Spice this.  I cannot wait to see them in these!!!!




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1 03 2010

Wohoo for 37 weeks and for March babies AND the good spirits! 😦 about the PUPPS. That seems to be one symptom I seem to have avoided thus far.

Super cute denim outfits too!!!

1 03 2010
Miss MVK

You are AMAZING. And those little denim overalls? Swoon!!! Cannot wait to see Sugar and Spice in them either. Hang in there…we are in the home stretch.

1 03 2010
The Nanny

If you/they can hold on til March 10, they’ll be born on my birthday! (Which is a FABULOUS DAY!) 🙂

1 03 2010
Melissa G

Yay for Pisces babies!!! Sorry ‘The Nanny’ I vote for March 6th! =P

Hope you get to your manicure.

1 03 2010

Baby outfits are so cute, aren’t they?
Congrats on getting this far – its pretty amazing! Hope all looks good tomorrow.

1 03 2010

Yay for 37 weeks!! I’m so happy for you. Your beautiful babies will be here soon and it will all be worth it.

1 03 2010

37 weeks is awesome! You’ve done so well!

LOVE the overalls!

I have a lovely red rash all over my back, my legs, and my FACE! Discovered it today – so it’s new and I don’t know what it is. It doesn’t sound like any of the typical pregnancy rashes. It doesn’t itch at all – luckily.

So tell me when you started getting weekly visits? Did you go biweekly first? I’ve had an u/s once a month and an OB appointment once a month, inbetween the u/s so far.

1 03 2010

Those overalls are so darn cute!!

2 03 2010

i’m sorry to hear about the puppps…say it isn’t so!

and i’m in awe of you—37wks with twins!!! amazing. here’s you an amazing last few days or so until you hold your little ones in your arms!


2 03 2010

Hurrah for March babies, and well done, keeping them baking ’til full term! WOOHOOO!!!!

2 03 2010

Baby overalls are so freaking cute. I absolutely love the ones I got for my little girl.

2 03 2010

37 weeks is so great!

Love the little clothes for the luvs.

You are a trooper making it to 37 weeks with twins most girls I know would be ready and begging for the pregnancy to be over..

Now on to “baby watch” too exciting!

2 03 2010

Yay!!! I am so impressed that you made it this far. Congrats!!! You sound in good spirits and like you are all set to go! Cute nursery and belly pics too! Oh my dear, I am soooooo happy for you.

2 03 2010

You go girl! Your twins are going to be big and healthy! I can’t wait to meet them!

2 03 2010

I have heard the same thing about boys vs. girls. I guess your little Sugar and Spice will be a good experiment on that. LOL.

3 03 2010

those little outfits are so cute! my kiddos are STILL just wearing sleepers most of the time. maybe i’m just too lazy?

you made it to march!! woot!!


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