OMG – 37 Weeks and Counting…

5 03 2010

Wow.  I cannot believe we are here – emotionally, I am ecstatic and over the top excited for Sugar and Spice to have made it this far – physically, I am reaching new levels…that being said, I had the option of requesting an induction next week or waiting until the week after…I opted to wait for the week after.  There is no medical reason to induce right now – so if the babies want to cook for a week plus, then so be it.  My day went like this:

  1. Growth ultrasound – estimated each baby to be around 6.5 lbs each – WOO HOO!  They could be bigger – they are so squished and the stomachs could be bigger!  Both got an 8/8 on the biophysical profile – woot!  I saw them both practice breathing – it was so cool!
  2. Doctor’s appointment – discussed my physical symptoms (in order of most painful/agonizing):  pelvic separation resulting in inability to walk correctly or for any duration (doc said could get worse after delivery, may need surgical intervention (i.e. screws in back – not sure of details, I glossed over when he said it could get worse) if not better after birth), PUPPPs (if it spreads past my stomach and backs of hands, they will give me steroids), reflux (I am not eating after 5-6 pm, has helped), heartburn, swelling and extreme fatigue (from anemia and not sleeping well)
  3. Induction Discussion – doc said they could discuss inducing me next week if I desired – but that they normally do not induce twins until 39 weeks and some still experience respiratory distress syndrome until then…honestly, there is no good medical reason for me to be induced next week – yes, I am physically miserable, but the well-being of Sugar and Spice far outweighs any discomforts I may be experiencing.  I may go into labor naturally – which would be great.  I did ask that the group discuss an induction if I am still pregnant the week of the 15th – I would be over 38 weeks and approaching 39 at that point.  I am scared of literature that discusses twins doing worse – but he said that was true of twins born after 40 weeks and for those that have other issues – I have twice weekly non stress tests, which would alert them to any issues.  So, on we march!
  4. Non-stress test – babies were fast asleep – had to be buzzed a few times to wake their butts up – wake up you two!!!

So that is the scoop.  Belly pic to eventually follow – but right now I am in my robe letting my PUPPPs ravaged stomach air out with some Sarna lotion with my feet in the air – I will leave you with a pic of my cankles:




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5 03 2010

37 weeks!! That is so great!! I just saw a show with a woman who delivered THREE sets of IVF twins. I mean, really?? At any rate, I’m glad you have made it this far and you are really giving it your all! Lovely cankles 🙂

5 03 2010
IF Optimist

I am over the moon crazy happy for your reaching 37 weeks and that Sugar and Spice are looking so good and healthy. I’m sorry that you are having so many comfort issues and the “cankles” pic made me both chuckle and wince at the same time. But really, I am just grinning over here because you are MY HERO. Keep up the fabulous job at gestating those little ones and I look forward to knowing more about them in the very few days and weeks that are left in your journey.

5 03 2010

Congrats on 37 weeks! That is SO awesome!!! Your feet look just like mine did…it’s the worst! But, they will go back to normal about a week after delivery, I promise!! Hang in there, you are doing SO great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 03 2010

Those are your feet?? Oh. my. word.


YYYYEEEAAAHHHH FOR GETTING TO 37 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 03 2010

37 weeks! 6.5 pounds! So awesome!

Screws in your back and Puppps, not so awesome.

I can’t wait to see them!

5 03 2010

Wow, I think you’re my hero, cankles and all. Thankfully that edema should go away after you deliver and get the 13lb of baby plus uterus and amniotic fluid weight off all the veins draining your legs.
And I sure hope surgery is not in your future after the babies are born!

5 03 2010

I know exactly how you are feeling, well- except for the PUPPS. I’m placing bets that you definitely go before me, though! Happy 37 weeks!

6 03 2010

Congrats!!!!!! FULL TERM!! Man, I remember when you were ten weeks along and so worried, and now… here. Sniff… okay must get hold of self. But seriously, this is so awesome- I just am so happy to see you at this final stage, cankles and all….. So excited for you!!!

6 03 2010

Wow – your babies will be so incredibly special when they arrive. Get ready – you are going to be a MOM very soon!!!!

7 03 2010

Oh my gosh, your poor feet! You’ve done a great job cooking those sweet babies! 6 lbs each already, wow!

7 03 2010

6.5 lbs each? Fantastic! Your poor feet sure look like they need some rest!! Good luck in the coming days!

7 03 2010

btw: i remember those feet 🙂 no one tells you, but it gets WORSE afterward! but two weeks after delivery you will feel back to normal.

…or at least your feet 🙂

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