Another False Alarm

7 03 2010

Long story short – I thought my water broke/was leaking this morning.  Clear, warm fluid leaking out, enough to hit the floor – maybe two shot glasses full…however, after packing bag, videotaping the fun and going to triage – results are (after 3 different tests) that it was not amniotic fluid.   I was so excited, so eager, so happy…and now really, really disappointed!!!

The doc said to watch for more leakage – I have had none – big gushes – or other signs of labor.  I was no more effaced or dilated than I have been.

Also – I broke down yesterday after I spent the night before scratching the hell out of my stomach and breaking open some of the PUPPPs blisters, it is spreading on the backs of my hands and legs…I am now on predni.sone for the PUPPPs.  I have to say that my pelvic pain was a bit better this morning after my first dose…

I was scared of the side effects of the steroids – but there really are no side effects that could harm the babies at this point…besides a rupture of the membranes – YES, PLEASE????

We are hanging tough though – and I know it cannot be too much longer before they are in my arms.  Oh yeah, I have put a new poll up – since my naivete resulted in a shortsighted first poll on their arrival!




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7 03 2010
Melissa G


At least glad to hear the steroids are helping with other issues…

7 03 2010

Sorry for the false alarm, but yeah – any day now? Wow. Any day now! (Though I did vote for the ‘induced after March 15 option, just because you’ve done such a stellar job of incubating them that I’m betting they’re not going to want to leave!) Shall be blog-stalking til the big day! (and afterwards, of course!)

7 03 2010
It is what it is

The PUPPPS can NOT be fun but hopefully the prednisone will help. I am sure you are anxious as we are for you. The good news is…they will arrive soon enough!

7 03 2010

The last few weeks of pregnancy seem so slow at the time but after the babies arrive you will forget all of the discomfort and false alarms…They will be here in the coming days or weeks….you will be an amazing mom!!

7 03 2010

I’m also betting on induction because they both just seem so comfy in there that they don’t want to come out and meet you quite yet. Sure hope I’m wrong though!
Sorry about getting your hopes up today, only to see them dashed. I know the feeling!

7 03 2010

How funny- I had to put up a new poll too. Maybe wishful thinking on both our parts?

I am SO sorry about the PUPPS- I have a hard time imaging that discomfort on top of the other discomfort we’re both probably feeling.

Crazy about the false alarm- what do they think it was? I’m hoping for before the 15th for both of us! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

7 03 2010

lol. i can’t believe they’re still in there. for the love of all just come OUT already! 🙂


7 03 2010

Weird!!! You get symptoms that ANYONE would feel convinced labor is on its way. Still, remain vigilant- they’re going to come soon hopefully!!!

Sorry about the PUPPS that sounds awful.

7 03 2010

I’m so sorry for the false alarm! I’m glad the roids are making you feel better! Waiting…waiting…waiting….:)

7 03 2010

Oh you poor thing! I hope you know how wonderfully you are doing at growing these babies. And I seriously hope you get pampered out the wazoo once they’ve arrived 🙂

8 03 2010
IF Optimist

I was very amused that you had to quantify the amount of fluid by how many shot glasses it would be. I think that you are really looking forward to the first drinky-poo after the babies have arrived. I voted for Wednesday, but only because then I would still be in my 37 week bet. Sorry about the nasty PUPPS. Hope it all gets resolved and two healthy babies and momma are happy soon.

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