More Pics; Birth Story

14 03 2010

We are totally in love with our babies – there are no words to describe how much love I feel for them.  I put some pics at the bottom.

I am having a very, very hard time sleeping – I was exclusively breast feeding since they were born – and while a good experience – I feel that my breasts are too large for them to feed effectively.  In addition – I cannot feed them at the same time at night – and I am trying to let Mr. M sleep at night so I can sleep during the day…which I cannot do because I cannot turn my brain off!  At any rate – we are working it out.

So, my birth story:

We got the call to go in for the induction on Tuesday night at about 9:30.  We made it to the hospital by 10:30.  I was still only about 60% effaced and 1 cm dilated.  They started me on misopro.stol (sp?) at midnight to get my cervix to thin out.   Four hours later, I was 70-80% effaced and 2 cm.  They then started pito.cin and put in a Fole.y bulb (sp?) to get my cervix to go from 2cm to about 4-5 in two hours – the bulb was EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL.  I was in agony – sitting on a bed pan, clinging to the nurse – they asked and I accepted stado.l in my IV – let me tell you – that felt good – however, after 15 minutes, the bulb fell out while I was on the bed pain – I thought I pushed it out – the doc came back and HOLY CRAP I dilated to 4cm in that 15 minutes.  They then broke Spice’s water.  When I was 5 cm and about 90% effaced, I asked for the epidural – the contractions were not too bad, but I needed to get it in place prior to delivery.

The first anesthesiologist missed the first time – I was not happy – he was very cocky too – so I made them send in the most experienced anesthesiologist to put in the 2nd epidural – it worked but I had to be re-dosed for some reason – I was not clicking the self controlled plunger enough I guess…so in the afternoon – I have lost all track of time – my doc was annoyed that I was not on more pitoci.n so they started to increase it such that I was ready to push by about 4:30…with twins, they let you push in the labor suite and then move you to the OR to deliver – since I was a first timer – they thought it would take at least 2 hours……50ish minutes later Spice’s head was coming out…

AND THEY SAID “STOP PUSHING” – the rectal pressure just prior and during pushing was the most intense feeling…and the fact that he was crowning – I could barely not push…they rushed me to the OR, threw Mr. M a bag of clothes and off we went – I was screaming like a total banshee the whole way that I had to push…and I did uncontrollably a few times…I was in agony emotionally and physically that things were going to go south quickly…we get to the OR – they finally let me push and Spice came out – they immediately took him and had to give him some oxygen – but he was breathing and crying quickly – his apgars were 7 and 9.

Up to this point, Sugar was transverse, with her head on the right – she moved into the correct position and six minutes after Spice was born and three pushes later, Sugar was out and on my belly.  Her apgars were 8 and 9.  They are both doing well – I think! – and we have our first ped appt tomorrow.

I hear Spice waking up – will finish later!

Thanks for all of your well wishes!




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14 03 2010

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO! Vaginal delivery and Breastfeeding! You are breaking all the rules, in the best sense of teh word. Don’t worry about your boobs being too big. From what I’ve seen, that’s rarely a problem. They are truly adorable!

14 03 2010

Oh my gosh – congrats! What a good delivery and they are absolutely beautiful, lisa! Oh so so wonderful!!!! Beaming ear to ear for you!!!


14 03 2010

Wow – What an amazing birth story!
It sounds like you are doing a great job as a mom.
I couldn’t sleep or rest much either so I just listened to a relaxation CD which helped me unwind. I hope that you find some rest soon.

14 03 2010

you’re amazing!

14 03 2010

Incredible! Wonderful! Wow!

14 03 2010

What an amazing birth story…you rock! I couldn’t sleep the first week or so either. Same thing, couldn’t shut my brain off. Soon you’ll be just so exhausted you’ll be able to fall asleep when your head hits the pillow. Try to get some sleep at night…you’ll kill yourself doing all the feedings, especially if you’re feeding them separately. Can you pump some so Mr. M can take a few feedings when you are ready for them to take a bottle? You’re doing so great! Good for you for exclusively breastfeeding!

14 03 2010

Wow, three pushes for Sugar? Waiting till you were crowning with Spice to move you to the OR? Sounds nuts!
Can’t wait to see more great photos of the little ones.

15 03 2010
Baby Smiling In Back Seat

Here from Lost and Found…

Congratulations! They are beautiful!!

Also, I’d like to suggest that you have an LC come to the house for help with nursing; I’m sure they’d say that you aren’t too large to nurse, that you just need help with positioning.

I also highly recommend the EZ 2 Nurse pillow for nursing both at once — it made a huge difference in being able to both breast and bottle feed both of my twins simultaneously. If you want suggestions for how to set up to nurse them both feel free to email me.

Congrats, and enjoy! These early days are totally crazy, but it’s so wonderful.

15 03 2010

I have been checking back lots in case you were checking in for quickie posts in between mommyland.

That is awesome that you were able to have your babies naturally and that you are breastfeeding twins.. wtg! I am going to second bringing someone in for tips and stuff..

So very happy for you and Mr.M…

15 03 2010

Congrats! Your breasts are most likely not too big, women all over the world with all different sizes breasts have been nursing for hundreds of years. I agree you should contact La Leche League or get a LC to come visit. If you can learn how to tandem nurse comfortably that will help a lot. A great site for nursing information is

Also, I put this on Bella’s blog as well. The Miracle Blanket is wonderful. It really helps the babies sleep.

Good luck!

15 03 2010

YAY! It all sounds like a dream come true–you did GREAT!!

15 03 2010

Congratulations on your beautiful blessings! They are absolutely gorgeous.

15 03 2010

We use Dr. Brown’s bottles and nipples. Love them!

15 03 2010

That is awesome! I assumed you had a vag birth since you got home so quickly! I am so impressed!!! I’m also kind of laughing b/c your experience doesn’t sound that different from mine except that the misapro worked better on you! I totally remember pushing when they were telling me not to but my body wouldn’t let me not push…and I also remember thinking “am I supposed to feel this much pressure and pain and agony with an epidural??? Thank God I got the epidural!”. I am so happy for you! now, about those pics…?

15 03 2010

I will keep this short…I am so thrilled for you that you got to do them both vaginally. And it sounds like it all went pretty quickly. Can’t wait for the pics!! And are you going to share their names??

15 03 2010
Melissa G

Oh honey, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get to a computer sooner, but I’ve been thinking of you!!!!

Your babies are absolutely gorgeous. I am so, SO thrilled for you… (I’m crying at work right now)

CONGRATULATIONS MAMA!!! Can’t wait to hear more!!!

15 03 2010

Love the birth story!!! Totally taking notes. 🙂 Though, baby B is breech right now, so we’ll see.

I was thinking that Mr. PJ and I could take turns as in, he takes a few hours, I take a few hours. You’d both get broken sleep, but it might work. I don’t know. Questions to ask for when I have my breastfeeding class, in about a month.

Peaceful, sleeping thoughts. 🙂

15 03 2010

soooo excited for you! they are absolutely beautiful!

17 03 2010

Can you email me your email address? I’m making my blog private and I’ll send you the invite. Had some weirdo stealing pics of us and the babies 😦

21 03 2010

Great birth story! Don’t you hate it when they tell you to stop pushing!!!!!! AHHHHH, like seriously, it’s not just something you can always control!

I’m happy that everyone did so great, and all is well.

As for the boobs, I wouldn’t worry about it too much, I’ve never heard of someone who can’t bf because of boob size, but you may have to find a position that works for you.

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