Babies are Nine Days Old!; Exclusive Breast feeding; Pumping; Schedules; Anemia

19 03 2010

Well, we made it through our first week at home!  The first two days were adrenaline filled – the next few were exhaustion and anxiety filled!  We were just so concerned about doing everything right – I could not sleep worrying about every little detail!  Bella – you were right – I am now sleeping between the night feedings – I think I got about 5 chopped up hours of sleep last night – I will take it!

Okay, what I meant to get to in the last post is that I could not keep up with the exclusive breast feeding – it was great to be able to do it the first four days or so – but I could not feed them together at night by myself (I am taking the night feedings – my husband helps with all of the day feedings and takes feedings by himself when I need him to – he is a rock star) and I did not feel it was safe to try.  And I am not willing to nurse them separately – I am a person that needs her sleep in order to function.  So – I am pumping – and my supply is incredible – I get at least 10 ounces per session – even my 10 minute sessions – and sometimes 15 ounces.  We are supplementing with formula – we are doing half and half.

The babies eat anywhere from 1.5 to 3 ounces per feeding – we are feeding them every three hours and sometimes we have to wake them up to eat.

I am going to give some free assvice – for all of you pregnant chics out there – keep up with your iron supplements.  I am still anemic and I am really feeling it – very short of breath – and it is hard to sleep when I lay down – my pulse rate and blood pressure are a bit elevated…

The bottom line is that our babies are gorgeous and healthy – and we are totally in love.

Here are some pics I promised:




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19 03 2010

SO CUTE!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing! Are they sleeping in the same crib?

Well its still breastfeeding isn’t it, if you’re expressing your milk? I mean its not formula. I plan to do exactly what you are doing. Question for you though, did you have leaky breasts at all pre-delivery? I have NOTHING going on and am worried I might have issues with supply.

19 03 2010
Melissa G

I continue to be 1 kajillion percent thrilled for you – Thanks for the pics! Keep up the great work MOM!!!!

19 03 2010

I’m glad you are sleeping now! It takes a few days to come down off the high and quit worrying 🙂 I am so jealous of your supply!! Babies are adorable!

19 03 2010

Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I love their tiny-ness in that giant crib, and I love them being right next to each other. Super job on that milk supply momma!

PS My last Q&A where I talked about IFers who have babies and quit supporting–in no way do you need to feel like you have to keep coming to my blog right now, I mean seriously. Newborn twins?? I think that’s quite enough 🙂

19 03 2010

So beautiful, and so impressed with you, as always. Your boobs are rock stars, lady. Seriously! And thank you for the photos – they are, truly, lovely.

19 03 2010

LOVE the pictures! Sounds like you’ve got a great start with breastfeeding! My prenantal has extra iron, so I’m hoping that’s enough. Sorry you are feeling short of breath – I get that way sometimes and it’s hard.

So excited for you!

19 03 2010

OMG, I am so happy for you. I’m just catching up with everything now. The babies are so gorgeous!!! You are obviously doing great! I’m v jealous of your supply, I’m having some issues at 4 months in, probably my age…. I’m also so impressed that you’re blogging. I haven’t been able to since my babies came but I am planning to soon. Much love to you and the whole family! Jessica xxxx

19 03 2010
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19 03 2010

i have breastmilk envy 🙂

they are super cute!

19 03 2010
It is what it is

I had a singleton and thought I was a rock star pumping 8 oz by about two months of breastfeeding. But to get 10-15 oz after NINE DAYS! I humbly submit to you as the rock star of all rock star breast feeders!

I can not support you enough in your effort to sleep sleep sleep when you can. It is the MOST important thing for your physical and mental health.

The pictures are amazingly adorable. How could you not be in love?!

19 03 2010

OMG! I’ve missed so much!

CONGRATS!!!!! They are sooooo cute 🙂

There’s an award for the new mom on my blog.

19 03 2010

EEeeeeeeeek, they are sooooo cute!

You are doing awesome, mama. Don’t feel one bit guilty about supplementing, I am absolutely amazed that you’re able to bf! I’m still exclusively bfing my little dude at 6 months, but it is A LOT of work in the beginning. It DOES get easier though, promise. And DAMN that’s some supply–goooooo boobies!

20 03 2010

They’re gorgeous! I’m having enough issues BFing oe right now – so thankful I don’t have two!!

20 03 2010

Your tatas have really stepped up to get the job done!! Lisa, those two are so exceptionally cute! You must just stare at them in amazement and kiss them all the time 🙂

20 03 2010

I could have written your post. Except that I exclusively breastfed for two days before my little peanuts needed supplements to keep their small birthweights up. I pumped for about a week before I threw in the towel on that one too- it felt like I was feeding triplets and I never had time to do anything else with my babies. I also came to the realization that once my husband went back to work- it would be impossible for me to singlehandedly feed both babies, pump AND take care of all their other needs, while throwing in some time to sleep and eat. I give you TONS of credit for every day that you continue to pump for your twins.

20 03 2010

OMG! How cute are they? I love the way they are looking at each other…they say it’s part of a special relationship only twins can have. Thanks for the assvice. I’m not taking any iron. As a matter of fact, I’m not taking the prenatals. They won’t stay down. I am hitting the folic acid and the whopper protein shakes loaded with crap though. I plan on doing the pump thing too. Thanks for posting during your sleep deprived state!

20 03 2010

what little beauties! i’m so happy for you!!

21 03 2010

I’m so happy for you. To pump, formula feed or breatfeed is a personal choice that you’ve gotta make for you and your family. Sounds like pumping is the best choice for you 🙂 At least then you can have some help.

Thanks for sharing your experiences, it’s been great to follow along!

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