Quick Update

22 03 2010

Pedi appt today – Spice gained 11 OUNCES in one week and Sugar gained 8 OUNCES!!!!  Woo hoo – they are both 6 lbs 12 oz now – both over their respective birth weights of 6lb 2 oz and 6lb 8 oz.  Pedi also told me to let them sleep until they wake up at night – I had been waking them up every three hours to eat – I had to wake them up every single time.  I am excited to try it – as you can imagine – I am sleep deprived as all get out – but it is worth it!!!

FYI – we are feeding the babies with bottles using half breast milk (I pump every four hours) and half simi.lac advance.  Sugar will take up to 3 ounces and Spice will take up to 2.5 ounces a feeding.  We are having an issue with Sugar spitting up – she eats like a wild woman – but I make her sit up after she eats for a while.  They are still a little small for the boppies – but that is my only survival tool at night when I am feeding them by myself.

My mom is coming down – yay – today was Mr. M’s first day back at work – I did the pedi by myself – but as soon as she gets here I have to go pee in a cup – I think I have a UTI, on top of the hemorrhoids, second degree tear with stitches, continued bleeding and massively soft stools that have caused some close calls…I must say, all of the nightmare pregnancy symptoms are pretty much gone but all of the activity south of the border is no fun – but again, all worth it!

This is them from the pedi appt this morning…




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22 03 2010

Great job mom! Look how beautiful and healthy they are. They have grown even since your last photo.

22 03 2010

They are just adorable! And you are doing such a great job–wow that’s some awesome weight gain. I’m sorry that once again you’re on the bad end of all the symptoms…hoping that goes away soon and you feel better. And hooray for your Mom coming!

22 03 2010

You know I hang on every word you type…… 🙂
And I love the pics. Thanks for continuing to post.

22 03 2010
Melissa G

I’m sorry the bordertown is unhappy. =(

But I am loving those pics! Keep em comin!

22 03 2010

🙂 sooo cute! my kids are 6 months and i have not attempted the peds office by myself. you’re brave. a natural!

22 03 2010

Wow, they seem to be doing WONDERFUL!

So is the pumping so that you can measure how much they are taking in? I’m just now really curious about breastfeeding, kind of wanting to do some compromise breastfeed/pumping/formula so that I am not overwhelmed with just breastfeeding.

Also, I know you’re extremely busy, and I have lots of time! So don’t feel like you’ve got to answer me right away.

Glad the babies are thriving, and hope that you get some relief down south! 🙂

22 03 2010

Yaaaay! Your babies are beautiful!

22 03 2010

So cute! Great weight gains!

22 03 2010

EJ spit up so much in the first month or two. We ended up with Similac Sensitive and actually found the Target version of it was even easier on his little tummy. We also kept him sitting up and burped him after every ounce or so.

Sounds like you’re still going through the wringer. I hope all of your icky-ness goes away really soon! Hugs!!!

22 03 2010

Cute. Cute. Cute!!!!!!

I am so sorry for the physical discomforts. I’m getting nervous!

22 03 2010
Rhonda Fisher

Congrats on healthy twins and your success at breastfeeding them. Ive had 3 children, all breastfed and I remember how dificult it was at first and how worried I was that my 5 lb10oz would gain enough weight. I am worried about your rectal tear w/ hemorroids. I got a fistula in the perineal/rectal area from a tear w/ my 1st. Don’t delay. See a gastroenterologist or surgeon to make sure you heal properly. Within a month I had the infection, and had a fever of 104. I had to have surgery after 4 mos. The surgeon didn’t fix the rectum properly, so I became incontinent. After 8 yrs. I had to have a total reconstruction from famous surgeon in Chicago. Try to rest and use whatever perineal rinse the doctor gave you. I would err on the side of caution and get steroids to reduce the hemorrhoids.

22 03 2010
It is what it is

Congratulations on their progress yet I’m sorry to hear about your own physical discomfort. Heed Rhonda’s advice in that department.

Thanks for sharing them…they are beautiful cutie pies.

23 03 2010

They’re so beautiful!
At least it was oly a second degree tear, so not into anal sphinter. Hopefully that will put you at less risk of complications. I’ve had a couple close calls, even with just 1st degree tears and no hemorrhoids – pass gas and then suddenly feel like I’m about to have a BM too. Hasn’t actually happened yet though.

23 03 2010

aww what a swet picture of sugar and spice.. ❤

You are doing a wonderful job Mommy! Sorry about the hemmy's back in the day they used to have you cut a maxi pd soak it in water saran wrap it freeze it and then put it in your panties wrapped in tucks fro hemmy issues really helped.

25 03 2010

Oh they’re just so sweet! And growing so fast. Your doing awesome there!!

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