25 03 2010

Everyone is great – the babies are super cute and I fall more in love everyday.

I am having an issue when I feed them at the same time – I do the night feedings and it mostly goes well…but I have had a few spit up issues.  I think it is because I was trying to bottle feed them on the boppies – I think they are too small for that and not staying upright enough.  I think I am going to try and feed them in their car seats when I feed them at the same time.

Any advice?????




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25 03 2010

I fed/feed mine on the boppies but i put a pillow half underneath each boppy so they are more upright. seems to work well. my little boy is going through a vomiting stage (projectile) and i have to be careful but when they were younger it worked v well. i was v nervous about tandem feeding on my own when they were so little as well…… You’re doing great!

25 03 2010

My twins did not have spit up issues so I may be talking out of turn here, but for feeding both at the same time, I would sit upright on the couch and place each one’s head on each of my thighs/knees with their legs going outward. That was just the right position for them.

25 03 2010

I had the same problem. You can use a bouncey seat, that works. Also make sure you burp them after every 1 ounce or so.. That helps too. Also some babies are just spitters and will spit up no matter how you have them laying.

25 03 2010

I also use bouncy seats. Nothing else worked for me. I tried swings, pillows, etc. I use many different burp rags to prop their heads whatever way I need them. Not ideal, but it works 🙂

25 03 2010

I think I’m going to buy this thing It’s a (gigantic) nursing pillow for two. It was highly recommended by this book called Twin Set that I’m reading, which is all advice from twin parents to other twin parents

Maybe that would help?

25 03 2010

I’m having the same issue. I gave up feeding them at the same time, by myself. Now, I feed one at a time and place the other in a boppy. I use folded up towels under the head of the boppy and in the middle (my girls are tiny and slide down without the towels in the middle). My smallest daughter also has some projectile vomiting issues on occasion and I make sure to burp her every 20-30mL’s and I don’t chage her diaper right after she eats because that seems to aggrevate the vomiting.

25 03 2010

Sorry I can’t help as I never had twins…but I’m wishing you a quick anwser and solution!

Burping…do you burp? That might help. Some babies just spit up, no fun I know.

25 03 2010

Um, spit up yep I hear you on that one … Silas has major spit up issues with the GERD and Liam has some minor problems too. Although I prefer to feed them separately, I’m often forced to simultaneously feed them (because one refuses to wait patiently). I use the boppies and prop up the bottle with burp clothes or a blanket, but did find it more difficult when they were smaller since their heads would move around and they weren’t really very upright. To alleviate that issue you could use the bouncy seats, which I periodically do at night, with a u-shaped head support made out of a receiving blanket–this will hold their little heads straight. Then use a blanket or burp cloth to prop up the bottle. Sometimes I use the boppy for one baby who I sit next to me on the couch while I bottle feed the other baby. I agree that stopping to burp frequently helps with the spit up too. Good luck!

26 03 2010

I think the carseat is a good idea. And the bouncy seat does work great too. I agree with the other posters about being sure you burp often. Also, I think you mentioned before you that you mix bottles of formula with breastmilk. Is that right? If so, you might want to try them separately to see if it only happens with the formula. That could be causing an upset tummy (EJ could only drink the “sensitive” kind, he’d spit up everything else).

26 03 2010

Bottle feeding two newborns at the same time is hard. I have one major spitter too. I would try to increase the amount of burping times. Has this only been a problem on the boppies, or is spitting always a problem? If it happens other times too, you might want to talk to your pedi about switching formulas.

29 03 2010

we didn’t end up using it but we got a newborn booster for the boppy, maybe it would be helpful for you…

my daughter started spitting up a lot around 5-6 weeks and then she started crying a lot too, i thought she had colic but it turned out that it was reflux, we put her on zantac and switched her to a.r. formula and she’s been much better ever since. hopefully the pillow will do the trick for you though!

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