Feeding Chaos; My Body is a Battered War Zone; Surrogacy *updated*

2 04 2010

Hi everyone – I hope you are all well – Sugar and Spice are kicking ass – their last weigh in on Wednesday (they were three weeks old, omg) revealed that Sugar pulled ahead – she is now 7 pounds 11 ounces and Spice is 7 pounds 6 ounces (both 1 lb 4 oz over their birth weights – yahoo!!!).

Spice is still having major gas issues – I have tried at least 7 different bottles – he just guzzles air like a maniac. ย Here is a play by play of what has happened in the feeding realm:

1) Exclusively breast fed for first 4 days (I have the EZ2 nurse pillow);

2) I got scared of low supply/weight gain so I started pumping and feeding them breast milk with a little formula – Spice was having gas issues so…

3) I stopped using the formula and I quit eating dairy; and now

4) I think I am going to go back to breast feeding most of the time…the feeding/pumping schedule is grueling and I think Spice’s gas issues will go away if he is bfing…

I will still pump occasionally – maybe 2 times a day – so that Mr. M can take a feeding so I can get some extra sleep…

I just hope my little ones can take the nipple confusion…I feel bad for switching them up but I need to find a solution that means they get breast milk AND I am happy – I felt myself starting to resent pumping big time and thinking about when I could switch to formula – (note – I do not think formula is the devil – I was formula fed – this is just something that is important to me) and that is something I do not want to do at this point.

The physical recovery from this twin pregnancy has also been grueling!! ย I am going to do another list because it is almost time for me to try my bfing again!

1) Hemorrhoids;

2) Had to go to GI surgeon for them – they will go away – but she discovered anal fissure!!! Good times;

3) Second degree tear requiring stitches;

4) Urinary tract infection (took macro.bid);

5) Subclinical hyper.thyroidism – resulting in trouble sleeping, diarrhea, and shortness of breath – the good part of that is that it has helped my weight loss – so far down about 46 pounds of the 60-65 I gained.

Finally – my sister in law (jokingly yet seriously) asked me to be a surrogate for them – she is 48, had a horrible first marriage and reproductive issues, now married to a nice man – I would totally do that for her – Mr. M is freaked out about it – we are in the preliminary stages right now of discussing but it may also result in her quitting her job and taking care of Sugar and Spice…

HUGS to all of you – I am not commenting much but I do still read all of your posts! ย FYI – I just tried to bf them and they are pissed – just want them to be happy – so frustrated – might just stick with pumping/bottle feeding




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2 04 2010

Your little sugar and spice are doing so amazing must be their amazing Mommy…

Sorry for all the post partum issues.. pregnancy takes a toll on your body..

That is really neat about you being a surrogate, being one is one amazing journey. Take a year or so for your body to recover and enjoy those babies… email me if you have any questions..

2 04 2010

WOW yay for growth and thanks for talking about breastfeeding issues- it helps me to know how complicated it can truly be.

And- surrogacy?!?! WOW—– please keep us posted, that’s HUGE… I want to sometimes be a surrogate for one of Jack’s unce and his wife, she has an incompetent cervix… but no one discusses the issue of their fertility. I wish they would so it culd come up.

2 04 2010

Wow you have been through a lot! I hope the hyperthyroidism is being kept under control (since I work in endo I had to comment ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and you are a real gem to offer to be a surrogate for someone else!

2 04 2010

You are doing so well!

2 04 2010

Oh my! God bless you!

So I take it the EZ2 nurse pillow is good. ๐Ÿ™‚

They look absolutely beautiful, and what a fantastic weight gain for them! I hope things get easier, and soon!

2 04 2010

i remember i felt like i was “connected” to something all the time in the beginning: pumping, breastfeeding, pumping, etc. it was crazy times….

ultimately, you have to do what is best for you. what you are doing now is obviously working great b/c their weight gain is awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

they’re super cute!!! xx

2 04 2010

Oh sweetie they look perfect ๐Ÿ™‚
You are an amazing woman for thinking about surrogacy. Your body has been through so much, and is still on the mend, but I would probably make the same decision as you if I were in your shoes.

I know all about the struggle for BF/bottle/formula, etc. It’s a shame it has to be so hard sometimes. I know you’ll make a great decision and will do whatever works for you and your family. I just hope it resolves soon since it’s so stressful debating it.

And again, they are so cute!

3 04 2010

Great job on the weights!

I feel ya on the feeding stress- it is so much harder with two, because each one has their own quirks. Hang in there- no matter what, they are growing, and that’s what is important!

6 04 2010

Congrats!! The babies are here… wow! I am so happy for you. And they look absolutely beautiful. Thanks for stopping by. HUGS ๐Ÿ™‚

17 04 2010

oh! surrogacy. that would be amazing.

Your babies are BEAUTIFUL. seriously.

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