Almost a Month Old; Nanny Search

9 04 2010

Wow – Sugar and Spice are almost a month old – they will be a month old tomorrow…they were four weeks old on Wednesday…unbelievable.  Here is a pic with both of them in the Moby – I am still getting the hang of it…

Sugar is on the left, Spice is on the right.

I am in the process of interviewing nannies for when I go back to work in 7.5 weeks – not fun…I met one yesterday at a local restaurant and I cried on the way home thinking of whoever we hire getting to spend so much time with these two…I did make a decision to ask my firm if I can work from home two days a week – the nanny would be here so I could actually work but I really do not want to be away from them full time – it is weird, I did not think I would feel this way.  I knew that a nanny or daycare was going to be part of the picture…but actually having these sweet babies in my arms and thinking of leaving them is soooooo hard.

I have been following all of you – so happy for sprog, for kate and for all of you having your babies…hugs to you all!!!




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9 04 2010

Oh they’re just beautiful! And I don’t blame you for being unhappy about the prospect of leaving them every day. Fingers crossed that your job will translate well to a couple of days from home!

9 04 2010

OMG! Congratulations!!! I have been MIA for so long it is ridiculous! They are gorgeous!

9 04 2010

i’m so impressed you figured out the moby with both in there. i was never brave enough to actually go through with it 🙂 lol.

10 04 2010

Sooooo cute!

10 04 2010

too cute!

Good luck finding a nanny… that is the tough part.

12 04 2010

OH that would be so wonderful if you could work from home a couple of days 🙂

12 04 2010

Beautiful 🙂

13 04 2010

Love the moby picture- I’ve only attempted wearing both babies once (we have a sleepy wrap).

Thanks for making me feel better about not having any back-to-work childcare set up yet- I’ve really been dragging my feet, because just thinking about it makes me so sad. We won’t need anything until September, though. I hope you find a really good nanny!

19 04 2010

Sugar and Spice are so adorable! So totally cute!

Good luck with the nanny search!

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