It Is Going Too Fast!!!!

25 04 2010

Hi everybody – sorry I have been such a crappy blogger – but things have been busy around here!  I am currently pumping in my nursery – hoping that they wake up so I can nurse them but I do not want to wake them up – they have been sleeping for some pretty good clips at night!

I started that post last night – I have started so many and have not been able to finish!  Sugar and Spice are 6.5 weeks old now…I cannot believe it, I had to put all of the newborn clothes away – it is going too fast!  Pic is from last week – recent photos have not been added to iphoto yet.

I am LOVING be a mom – Sugar and Spice are the best.  Since time is short and it is 3:30 am and I am pumping, I am going to post in list fashion!

  1. Sugar and Spice are amazing – they are eating like champs – Sugar just had 6 ounces of breast milk and Spice had about 5.  I pump at least 6 times per day (get a hospital grade pump and massage and compress your breasts during pumping – I get more milk this way) – I breast feed here and there but they mostly take the breast milk from bottles.  I found that the Playtex ventaire advanced is the best for them – the wide mouth bottle – more like a nipple and big enough so that there is not a huge mess every feeding.  Spice is smaller than she is – I am hoping that he hits his growth spurt soon – I am sure he is at least 9.5 pounds at this point but he still looks like a little peanut!
  2. Sleep is getting better – for all of you ladies expecting – there is no sleep deprivation like this – it is unreal.  We have forgotten so much, left the garage door open and worn slippers out of the house…it is fun and we save all of our energy to care safely for these two!  They can go as much as 4-5.5 hours between a feeding and my husband (man of the millennium) lets me sleep whenever I can and does not wake me up even when he should so he can sleep – I slept for six hours straight one night last week and for five hours straight the other night – heaven!!!
  3. I will post about our nanny search fiasco at a later date – for childcare, I found an amazing nonprofit private daycare run by retired school teachers and nuns…which is crazy because I was anti-daycare and (am) anti-organized religion…but this place is incredible and Sugar and Spice are going to get way more attention there than they would at home with one person.  (I got through 2 layers of approvals at work to work from home 2 days per week – but got shot down by the big boss – I am pissed but we will be okay – I will be okay – I will miss them like crazy but I knew this was going to be the reality [sob])
  4. Spice had to go on zantac for reflux…he seems to be sleeping better.  Spice is a crazy grunter – he grunts like nothing I have ever heard before – it really scared me at first but he is just a noisy baby – if you move slightly while you are holding him, he grunts!  Sugar is still my patient, calm and happy baby – I think she is starting to smile socially – it is amazing!  Spice rolled from his stomach to his back – twice – during tummy time the last two weeks.
  5. I feel guilty most of the time – I cannot hold both at the same time easily and I wish I could hold them more…I love when I get visitors – especially my in-laws – they hold the babies for hours at a time.
  6. I have lost 50 of the 65 pounds I gained – the loss has slowed in the last 10 days…I am going to have to start trying now!  My stomach muscles are still separated – and possibly herniated – and the loose skin at the bottom is crazy – but the physical discomforts disappear when I look at Sugar and Spice and remember them inside of me…I miss feeling them move!

That is about it – I am completely blissed out and in love – I went for a pedicure today and missed them the entire time…




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25 04 2010

I can’t imagine I’ll ever produce that much milk! I don’t know if a hospital-grade rental would help – I get plenty of suction on my M.edela Frees.tyle.
How’d you do the supplementing initially?
Your daycare sounds fantastic!

25 04 2010

Oh they are lovely – and I’m delighted to hear all three of you are doing so well! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!

25 04 2010

They sound amazing. Sorry you won’t be able to WFH part-time, but yay for finding a great daycare that you’re comfortable with! I bet they’ll love it!

25 04 2010

So cute!!!!

I can’t believe that its already been 6.5 weeks. Why does time move so much slower when they’re on the inside and speed up like a runaway train once they’re here???

25 04 2010

OMG, great post. And cute as can be! Congrats on your amazing weightloss – you are still my hero. 🙂

25 04 2010

love the pic 🙂 so glad that everyone is doing okay. great job pumping. i wish i would have rented my hospital grade pump sooner 😦

26 04 2010

I so hear you on everything you posted, especially the flabby stomach and the hating to leave our babies!! Mine will be home with the Fella most of the day, but we may need to find someone to fill the gap in the afternoon when he leaves for work and until I get home. I can’t bare the thought of leaving them with a stranger 😦

27 04 2010


so glad to read your update. thinking of you and sugar and spice. they are gorgeous. and you are amazing!!


27 04 2010

I just love how happy you are 🙂

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