Ped Appt; Breast Milk Jaundice

3 05 2010

I took Spice to the ped this morning – they upped his and I took him for blood work to test his bilirubin levels – his eyes and skin are still a bityellow (they were both a bit jaundiced after birth).  If the zan.tac does not improve his symptoms in a week, I will take him to a specialist – I am cringing since I do not want to subject him to painful tests but I also do not want him to continue to suffer…especially since he is physically thriving.

I was feeding spice breast milk from a bottle when he got his heel stick for the blood work – he did not even feel it – that was the icing on the day!  Also – his weight is up to 10 lb 13 oz and Sugar is up to 11 lbs!!  Woo hoo – they are growing so well – and I asked if we were overfeeding them – the ped said no way, the growth is great.

So – it looks like Spice also has:

Breastmilk Jaundice- This is jaundice that persists after physiologic jaundice subsides and is seen in the otherwise healthy, full term breastfed baby. There is no known cause for this type of jaundice although speculation is that it may be linked to something in the breast milk that is blocking the breakdown of bilirubin. (Breastmilk jaundice tends to be genetic and run in families.) Breastmilk jaundice does not mean that something is wrong with the mother’s milk and that breastfeeding should be stopped. Most babies who present true breastmilk jaundice (only 0.5% to 2.4% of all newborns), may see another rise in bilirubin levels at about 14 days, but they will level out and eventually decrease. Breastmilk jaundice can last for 3-12 weeks after birth, but as long as baby is feeding well and bilirubin levels are monitored, it rarely leads to serious complications. Breastmilk Jaundice must also be differentiated from breastfeeding jaundice, which is a lack of milk that results in jaundice, or from any other underlying health conditions.

I had no idea that this existed and his yellow tone was freaking me out – the bilirubin numbers will tell the tale…




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3 05 2010
IF Optimist (Traci)

Great to know that they are growing big and strong. Totally bizarre about breastmilk jaundice. I never heard of it. Sounds like the little guy will be OK and you are taking great care of them both. All my best to you and your beautiful family.

3 05 2010
Kara's Mom

I just read your blog and can’t believe you went so far with twins! Good for you! Because of my loss at 37.5 weeks with my singleton, the MFM Dr. will schedule a c-section for me at 36 weeks for my twins. They’re growing big already (2lbs each at 26 weeks) and I can’t imagine the discomfort for any longer than is absolutely necessary. Of course, if he said I’d have to wait, I’d wait, but I’m thankful for the 36-week deadline, currently. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I plan to keep up with your blog so I can learn all about raising twins from you!

3 05 2010

Wow i never heard of that- I’m glad they’re monitoring and that it does’t meant you can’t breastfeed them. So much to keep in mind!!

3 05 2010
Kara's Mom

Quick question – I’m looking for a twin stroller which can accept infant car seats. It seems there are limited options on the market. Do you have a recommendation? thanks

3 05 2010

Holy cow… I’ve never heard of such a thing. This is crazy. I feel for you. Hope that the numbers come out normal!

3 05 2010

wow. you’re doing a great job! those kids are getting huge!!! also, i went through the same types of thoughts when we were trying to decide nanny v. daycare and ultimately decided on the daycare for some of the same reasons. we’ve been really happy so far and it’s fun to see how much the kids like interacting with other kids 🙂

3 05 2010

I was just talking about BM jaundice with my lactation consultant today! Keep on with the feeding. She said it’s due to some component in the BM making the wall of the small intestine more permeable to bilirubin. And that generally it doesn’t cause problems.

3 05 2010

I had never heard of breastmilk jaundice. That is interesting.

I had heard that with Zantac you have to keep adjusting the amount as they gain weight to make it effective. My babies got put on Prevacid right away, because of how severe their reflux was- their pedi didn’t want to try Zantac first. After doing research, they work differently to combat reflux. Maybe you can ask your pedi about prevacid?

6 05 2010

EJ had breastmilk jaundice too. It’s weird to see them so yellow. I really hope you can continue to BF. EJ’s bilirubin levels rose every time I did so we had to give it up. Your little guy sure is keeping you on your toes with all of this reflux and jaundice business. It’s usually the girls who cause the problems. Haha!

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