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8 05 2010

I had to take Spice for an upper GI x-ray yesterday – it was totally traumatic – for me.  I did not want to take him to do it – I felt as though it was unnecessary and a cya for the docs – but when they put it to you like – “yes, you should have this done to rule out a potentially life threatening intestinal malformation” what is a mom to do????????

He could not eat for four hours before the test – I was so unhappy about that because they like to eat about every 3 hours during the day…I envisioned him having a meltdown for hours on end – he is our little screamer after all – and you know what – HE SLEPT ALL THE WAY TO THE APPOINTMENT AND HAD TO BE WOKEN UP TO HAVE THE PROCEDURE.   That made my day.  What totally depressed me was that he had to put on a tiny little hospital gown – it was too big for him – but I envisioned all the sick little babies that have to wear those gowns and it made me so sad and grateful all at once.

He had to drink a barium solution – he did not mind it at all – and could care less about the xray – he was staring at the multi-colored lights that they had flashing in the dark – I am going to spen.cers this weekend to get one!!!  The xray did not show a malformation – and it did show reflux – duh – and I was told that most babies show reflux on this test.

I bought this for him to sleep in:

I put it in the other crib – it breaks my heart to separate them.  I think he slept better last night – less grunting all night.  At night, our babies go anywhere between 4-5.5 hours between a feeding…I do not think they will sttn until later – they are on exclusive breast milk and it is digested so quickly…I get good chunks of sleep here and there – and we hired a night nanny two nights a week from 10 pm to 6am.  I only wake up when my boobs wake me up, begging to be pumped!

I was going to try to not give him the prev.acid – just prescribed by the GI specialist (who said that he was not 100% convinced it was reflux – it may be colic – which annoyed me because I do not think colic involves stinky, acidic breath but wtf do I know) – but he had such a bad morning, I am going to start giving it to him.  I really, really hate medicating them and I really, really hate subjecting them to procedures.   BUT, I hate that he is in pain and miserable most of the time even more.  Poor Spice, I would do anything to help him.

So – question – for those of you with experience with prev.acid – he is on 7.5 mg per day – I have read that you give it at least 15-30 min before a feeding and that it should work immediately…what is your experience????

As for the breast milk jaundice, his bilirubin level was an 8 – and they said to continue with the exclusive breast milk, that it should resolve in a few weeks and it is completely benign…I am tempted to give him formula for a few days just to flush it out, but I think that would make his constipation and reflux even worse.

As for Sugar – she is a model baby – happy all the time, smiling, giggling, moving around – I woke up the other morning and went in their room – she was in the crib, wide awake, and just smiling.  We are going to get Spice there too!




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8 05 2010

I give my five month old prevacid, and I remember feeling exactly the same way you do about it at first. I hated giving him medication. But prevacid made a HUGE difference in his life (and ours, as parents), and I started to understand that giving him medicine for a real medical condition is fine. It’s not like I’m giving him something extra that he may or may not need. My baby needs prevacid and I’m being a good mother by giving it to him.

As for how to give it… I give it 1/2 hour before feeding so that he won’t spit it up after eating–it stays down. And I give it to him once a day (in the evening, figuring that the hardest time is at night when he’s sleeping). We’re at 15mg (a whole tablet) and it’s the dose that seems to work (he’s 15 lbs). My dr. didn’t prescribe a high enough dose at first and it really didn’t work; I had to push the doc to go higher and that’s when it started working wonders. I don’t remember that it worked immediately, either. It seemed like it had to build up in the system for a few days before we really saw a major difference.

Don’t worry–reflux gets better quickly. And once babies start to sleep on their tummies, things continue to improve. I still give him prevacid because I don’t want to backtrack yet (we’ll try weaning him around 6 months of age), but an older doctor once told me that reflux babies do much better on their tummies. He couldn’t suggest it, of course, and I was vigilant about putting Wyatt on his back to sleep, but around 4 months he just started flipping on his own and his sleep and reflux improved dramatically. Until then, the fisher price thing looks like a good choice. We should have done something like that–instead, we took turns and Wyatt slept on our shoulder all night in a big chair in our living room. Oh, the sacrifices we make!

Listen, I’ve been there and it’s so hard to see a baby scream in pain. I would cry as much as he did at first. But this is really a temporary thing, especially since you had the GI test at the hospital. You’ll get through it and Spice will be fine. Stay strong, mommy!

8 05 2010

Oh sweetie- prevacid was the best thing that happened to our twins so far. I totally understand what you think about medicating, but it is 100% better than the thought of acid burning their throat. Anna had the GI xray too- after we brought her to the ER when she had her worst reflux day when she was vomiting and crying almost non-stop all day. I made my husband go in with her while I waited with our son, because I didn’t know if I could handle it. They said they wanted to rule out pyloric stenosis- which would have required surgery- so I was happy that it was “just” severe reflux!

We give the prevacid 30 min to both before our evening feeding. You want it in there 30 min before eating so it has the maximum impact on reducing the burning. We saw a huge difference in both our babies within 3-4 days. It’s a pain to give (especially since they are awake then for 30 minutes waiting to eat) but totally worth it. Anna’s still colicky- but we can tell the difference between reflux cries and other cries. Prevacid won’t do anything for colic.

Here’s what a difference it made for both our babies: they hadn’t really had “real” smiles before they started the prevacid. Once they weren’t crying most of the time while eating (after that 3 days), both babies started to smile and smile every since. We were able to smile at them more, instead of spending most of our time soothing them.

8 05 2010

Sorry you are going through so much with Spice….but really, he seems to be handling it like a champ! That’s fantastic! Hope he improves….hugs.

9 05 2010

Hey sweetie – sorry I can’t give you any advice but I’m thinking of you. x

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