20 05 2010

Sugar and Spice had their vaccinations today…I wanted to stab myself, I felt so bad for them – especially Sugar.  She is the happiest baby I have ever been around.  She was staring up into my eyes, smiling and cooing, the shots came and her eyes totally changed to shock and pain and she started screaming – I have never heard her scream.  I was in agony – I started to cry.  I pulled out my right breast right there and let her nurse to soothe her.  I was expecting Spice to have a hard time – he did cry real tears – but it was over in about ten seconds.  They have been sleeping ever since – they did rise to eat, which is good, but they are whooped from the stress.  And so am I.

I would give a million bucks for a bottle of cabernet and a bubble bath right now.




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20 05 2010
Kara's Mom

Poor baby! and Poor mommy! It must be awful when they’re scared/in pain/confused like that. Poor mommy needs a big glass of wine and a nice bath!

20 05 2010

I took my mom along for the first vaccinations. Seeing the look of pain register on your baby’s face is heartbreaking. Mom and I were both in tears! We had to go and have a strong coffee and doughnut afterwards as we were both so upset!
I am dreading the next shots. I think I will get DH to come too.

It must be hard to go through it twice though (with each baby).


20 05 2010

Oh hun, I’m so sorry. I’m sure that’s a difficult thing for a lot of parents. I’m kind of hoping they do that in the hospital away from me. I think.

20 05 2010

BF is the best pain relief you could have given her. The needles await us in 1.5 weeks…

20 05 2010

it totally sucks, but you did great 🙂

the last time the kids had shots T just wouldn’t stop crying. it was more like he was mad. he settled down, but then when he saw the nurse that gave the shots he started crying again and wouldn’t stop staring at her!

poor little babies. but it makes them stronger and less sick!


20 05 2010

I never got why parents got so sad about vaccines but having seen my baby get a vaccine and see them go from cute and smiley to hurt and staring at you with such confusion with those tears. . . SIGHHH. *hugs* Good thing the kids won’t remember it even if we will!

21 05 2010

Y’know, I guess my kids are a little odd. Because they don’t really seem upset by vaccines.

I, on the other hand, always started screaming and crying in the doctor’s waiting room, long before I even knew if I was scheduled for a shot that visit.

21 05 2010

awww, hang in there! Even me, as a medical person, had a VERY tough time watching my little one get his. Just an introduction I guess in learning how to see your kiddo’s in pain…never fun!

22 05 2010

Oh, I’ve heard shots are the worst for the moms. They’ll thank you for it when they don’t get small pox, though 🙂

22 05 2010
It is what it is

The fact that you have to go through it times two is a lot to bear for a mom. My son is 3 and it’s still hard!

Drink a soda if you can’t have the bottle of cab.

22 05 2010

It’s just horrible!!

23 05 2010

Seeing your child cry has got to be the worst part of mommy-hood 😦

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