Clogged Duct

23 05 2010

I am sitting here at 3 am trying to pump out a persistent clogged duct in my right girl…what a pain – I am using a sock filled with rice – I microwaved it for some heat – any other tips on clearing a clogged duct??????




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23 05 2010

For me, it works to apply heat (like it sounds like you’ve been doing) and to massage, massage, massage the painful lump where the clog is and to nurse, nurse, nurse/pump, pump, pump until it clears. I hope it clears up fast for you!

23 05 2010

i see heather already mentioned it, but i was thinking massage would help, too, if you’re not already doing that while pumping/nursing.
hope it’s resolved sooner rather than later!

23 05 2010

I always used a wet washcloth that I warmed in the microwave…as hot as you can stand it. And the others are right…massage!

23 05 2010

I havent the slightest, but “ouch” and good luck!

23 05 2010

Gravity. Can you lie Sugar or Spice on back and let one of them nurse like that? With your breast hanging over them? Pumping as same may work, too. I know it sounds crazy but that was what finally did it for mine. You might also try massaging in shower with water as hot as you can stand it.

24 05 2010

I would get mine out by massaging while I pumped, or breastfed. They are awful though. If you start to feel like you are getting the flu, fever, body aches it might be turning to mastitis. And different positions also does help, as well as massaging in the warm shower. Hang in there…!

24 05 2010

I never had one, but on my BFing forum, I’ve seen it recommended that the baby’s chin should be on the same side of the nipple as the clogged duct when nursing, since that’s where their suck is the strongest. I’ve also heard *ahem* that some women have their husbands “nurse” very vigorously just to get it loose.

Good luck!

25 05 2010
miss MVK

Been there. Recently. It is horrible! Gerber makes these pads (that look like white tires) that can be heated or frozen. I put one (heated) in my bra for about five minutes. Then I nurse and pump (in that order) and press down really hard on the clogged duct while doing so. I also take Advil for the pain and inflammation which helps a ton too. The heat though, that’s really the key. If the area gets red (not just from you pressing on it) it’s probably turning into Mastitis and you should call your OB and get on some antibiotics. That happened to me with Piglet and the antibiotics cleared everything right up.

Holy cow though, those suckers really hurt!! Good luck!

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