LOL – gurgling panic in throat while reading eat sleep p.oop

26 05 2010

okay – I ran out and bought eat sleep p.oop and it discusses sleep training once the babes reach 4 months old…………….the 5, 10, 15 approach and I have panic gurgling up my throat thinking about listening to spice cry for one minute, let alone five, ten or fifteen!!!!!




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26 05 2010

i feel a similar panic about letting my baby cry…i know there are all different opinions and approaches and to each their own, but CIO is not the approach i’m using. i settled on a compromise approach btwn co-sleeping (which doesn’t work for us either) and CIO…just this week i’ve been using the baby whisp.erer’s techniques…sometimes i can’t stand it b/c it’s such hard work teaching her how to sleep on her own and helping her learn a routine so that she knows what to expect next…i am exhausted by it at times, but then other times–like just right now–she went down for her nap nearly effortlessly on her own which hasn’t happened before trying to be consistent with the techniques in that book.

anyway…this is a long comment, but these are my thoughts today.

thinking of you as you return to work next week…i know that it’s not exactly what you would want in a perfect world, but i’m happy for you that your babies will be at a daycare you feel good about and i know you’ll all do just great…and i hope you’ll be gracious with yourself as you feel all the emotions that will come with leaving them those first few times. with care, l

26 05 2010

I’m still on the “what to pack for the hospital” section… lol!

27 05 2010

Long-time lurker here 🙂 but I just couldn’t resist.
You know, you don’t HAVE to sleep train. So what if it’s written there? Those are your children, your rules.
My almost 2-year old started sleeping through the night on her own at 10 months. Previously, she was nursing once or twice during the night. She started falling asleep on her own at 4 months, though. I don’t know whether I have a kid that’s easygoing on her own, or I somehow managed to come up with enough patience to allow her to lead me and not impose my ways upon her before she was ready. It all happened very naturally from one step to the other, when she was ready.
Of course, it’s different when there are two of them. And I would never be the one to judge. You may just try different approaches, until you find your own. Maybe leaning back and letting the kids lead could work for you, too. I had a great experience with that. It’s a slower process, though.

28 05 2010

The whole sleep thing must be so hard with twins, it’s difficult enough with one. We didn’t sleep train, just made sure the evening had a rough routine, bath at roughly the same tome each evening, milk, bed. If he didn’t settle we’d go up a maximum of four times, (we’d let him grizzle but not cry). We’d stroke his head and give the pacifier. The fourth time we’d pick up put down. This usually worked but sometimes he. Was awake so he came downstairs and watched tv, fell asleep on me or my husband. We figured why push it if he’s obviously awake? By 6 mths he’s more or less found his groove and goes to sleep by 8 each night. For us that was much easier than dealing with tears. Good luck!

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