Questions; Burned Girly

26 05 2010

Well, I unclogged my duct the other day…with a really hot rice sock and many hot showers – I burned my right girl in the process (at least first degree burns!!! red marks and sore!!!!) but it was worth unclogging that duct!

Thanks for all of your suggestions.  Now my problem is that it seems to keep clogging – either something with my pumping is not going well or my intermittent nursing is not going well…will keep trying in the hopes that I can avoid mastitis.

So – questions for you guys – what kinds of toys should my kiddos be playing with????  They love their play mat (baby around the world) and thanks to strongblonde, they love these

but I am at a loss for what else they should be doing – and I am scared I am impeding their development!  That is actually something I feel good about re daycare – they will know what the hell they are doing as far as developmental milestones…

They are 11 weeks old today…I cannot believe it.  Time for a bullet update:

  • Sugar is still smiling and cooing all the time – her poop was really green and frequent for awhile…I was scared it was diarrhea but one of my friends told me her son had the same problem – and her LC told her that it was due to an overabundant supply and he was getting too much fore milk and not enough hind milk…so I started mixing my milk, making sure the creamy yellowish milk was getting mixed with the whiter, watery milk – and that took care of the problem!  I think I forgot to add that she was 12 pounds, 9 ounces at her 2 month check up – but she had just eaten 6 ounces – still, she is growing so well, just like her brother!
  • Spice is doing really well – he is not really yellow anymore – yay – and the mixing of milk may have helped his fussiness – the hind milk helps to coat the stomach.  He is really smiling and playing as well – and was the first to grab those rings.  He still screams quite a bit – and smiles in between the screams when I tickle him and call him  my little tickle bug…he is going to be a handful!  Spice was 12 pounds 3 ounces – he had not eaten yet – at his checkup – just about double his birthweight in 10 weeks!!!

I am trying to ignore the fact that my trial run at the daycare is tomorrow and that I start back to work in one week…




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26 05 2010

Owww! Sorry about the duct problems!

I need to get a good child development book, although that Eat, Sleep, Poop book I have has a big section on that. I bet your peds doc would have some suggestions. I’m sure the web is full of stuff also. When they get about four I can help you! LOL! Having taught PreK should come in handy. I keep telling my husband that I won’t know what to do with them until they are four.

Off hand guesses though, read to them, expose them to soft books and the big cardboard books, links, those plastic keys, rattles, maybe plastic blocks a little later. I’ll have to come back and see what other people say.

26 05 2010
Kara's Mom

Wow – sorry about the burned girl – ouch. So glad to hear that Sugar & Spice are doing so well! It’s awesome! I am researching the same thing right now – developmental milestones for infants – and I will email you when I have some books that I like. I found one GREAT book already – Great Expectations: Baby Sleep Guide: Sleep Solutions for You & Your Baby. It notes milestones also, but gives great advice on what to expect concerning their sleep patterns and how to adjust their schedules when needed. Anyway – when I find a good one, I’ll let you know.

26 05 2010

I’m also starting to wonder what I should be doing for stimulation other than talking to K lots. Please post if you find a good book.
Sorry to hear about your burned girl. Hope it heals quickly!

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