Thank you Canada

27 05 2010

Trial run went well…I bought more dresses for work since I still cannot wear my pants without spanx and a rubber band and I got my eyebrows threaded…the babies are fine.

The real story??  I am drowning my sorrows in a jar of Nut.ella, made in Canada.  Thank you Canada.




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27 05 2010

Yum. Nutella. I just ate some myself…using gluten free pretzels as a medium to get the yummy nutella to my mouth:-)

I’m sorry you have to leave your little ones. It will be hard but they will do great at daycare. They will be so excited to see you when you come to get them and they will be so wonderfully social.

27 05 2010


I downed Nutella and pretzel rods for a big part of my pregnancy. Course now I can’t because of my blood sugar. Sigh.

27 05 2010

ah yes, nutella. i eat it with a spoon. 🙂 it is a comfort food for me as well.

i know it doesn’t seem like it now, but they will love daycare. really. and they do such fun things with them. my kids bring home crafts/pictures/presents/etc that they do all of the time. great stuff for the baby/kid books!! it’s hard, i know. 😦


27 05 2010

Lol. How cute r u!? But yes Nutella is food of the Gods. The one thing in the pantry I don’t like to share. Mean. I know.

28 05 2010

So glad the trial run went well!

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