Good Laugh at 3:00 AM

29 05 2010

My stepson made me howl out loud last night…I was feeding the babies and I was looking at the stack of kids’ dvds we received as gifts for when they get older…and in that stack is the movie Step.brothers…my stepson thinks that is the funniest movie ever and joked that the kids’ should watch it.

We are all doing well, we are going to enjoy this long weekend, my last weekend before I go back to work.

Can anyone share some tips on how to:

1) Stay clean and presentable for work – I shower maybe two times a week now and I need to step it up for work…

2) Get out the door with twins and their bottles for daycare prior to 8:30 am…and

3) Not cry all day.




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29 05 2010
Kara's Mom

That’s a tough one. As if you could possibly get up even earlier and shower before work….when you’ve been breastfeeding all night. ::sigh::: maybe showering before bed after the babies are asleep?
I will be dreading going back to work also when the time comes. For now, yesterday was my last day before FMLA – I don’t go back until 9/20, assuming the babies are born on July 12th. I just started this ‘vacation’ of sorts and I’m already dreading 9/20 – ha ha.
Glad you have a 3-day weekend before going back. Enjoy!

29 05 2010

Hi sweetie,

I have been thinking of you so much.

I returned to work last week, and I had been dreading it. My little girl has developed a bad case of seperation anxiety at only 3 months old. So you can imagine how bad I felt leaving her to go to work.

Well – it was much better than I thought it would be. Little girl was fine without me, and I feel like it will make me a better Mom to spend time apart from her. I really appreciate the special time that we have together now. I hope that it is the same experience for you.

As for the morning routine, I know of Moms who shower in the morning while their husband take care of the kids. Also, I would have everything packed and ready to go the night before you leave for work. And finally, could you wear some sort of protective layer over your work clothes while you are preparing the babies in the morning? Maybe an oversized shirt of your husband’s that you can wear over your own clothes? Or some burp towels? I know that it isn’t easy at all.

I have also heard that when it is time to leave the babies at daycare, say goodbye to them and tell them that you will be back that evening and then walk out that door. Try not to hover too long. It is so hard, but try to focus on something else to keep you occupied until you get to work.

Can you call the daycare later that day to see how they are doing? That may ease your mind and help you focus on work.

I am thinking of you – please let me know if I can be a shoulder to cry on. It’s not easy.


31 05 2010

I’ve got a question for ya!

I’m wondering if you started your twins off in the crib at night? Or are they in some kind of basinet or pac n play in your room?


31 05 2010

i’ll be remembering you tomorrow…….

31 05 2010

Our room is across the hall from theirs and we are short on space (understatement), so I have been going back and forth on whether or not we should invest in a basinet or pac n play.

31 05 2010

i get all of the bottles and my lunch ready the night before. i’m still only showering every other day (it’s all i can manage right now), but when i do, b watches both babies.

in the winter term our schedule really sucked. on tuesday and thursday i had the kids by myself from 6am until 8am when they could go to daycare. it was really crazy and hard to handle at that time of day for some reason. now it’s easier. it gets easier. promise.

i second what someone above said about just dropping them off. if you don’t make it a big deal, it isn’t as big of a deal for them.


1 06 2010

I wish I could help you but I am procrastinating going back to work myself!! I’ll be thinking of you and wishing you lots of luck!!!!! ((HUGS))

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