Sleep or Shower?

8 06 2010

What say you – sleep or shower?




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8 06 2010

Nap while showering?

8 06 2010

Sleep. Showers are highly overrated when you have young twins.

9 06 2010


9 06 2010
erica rose

Sleep. Sleep always trumps shower!

9 06 2010

Sleep. I figure when you really need a shower you will want one more than the extra 5 mins of sleep. Sounds a gross way to think about it but it’s true when youre a mum to young babies!

9 06 2010
It is what it is

Sleep, sleep, sleep, ALWAYS sleep. You need it for your mental health, especially now as hormones are re-setting. Long term sleep deprivation can wreak havoc.

And, buy pre-moistened facial wipes (the oil-free ones by Almay or Grenier are great) and just wipe then moisturize your face on the days you don’t shower.

Also, buy a dry shampoo (the one by Big Sexy Hair is THE best) and use it on the days you don’t shower (and especially if you have oily hair but even if you don’t). And, if you just MUST wash your hair, do so in the sink then wrap it in an absorbent hair towel (either the Turbie Twist or the microfiber hair towel by Aquis) and go back to sleep.

9 06 2010


9 06 2010


9 06 2010

You can always dab some extra perfume on before heading out the door 🙂

9 06 2010

I’m going to be unpopular here and say shower. Getting clean, using some fruity-smelling body wash, and having quiet time to think makes me feel sooooooooo much better.

(Especially in your case now that you have such awesome sleepers!)

(Not that I’m totally jealous and kinda hating you right now or anything!) 😉

9 06 2010


9 06 2010
Kara's Mom

I’ll have to go with shower. I feel awful when I don’t shower. Maybe you can skip washing the hair/shaving every other day and save some time so you can get some extra sleep?

9 06 2010

lol. shower. you can sleep better when you’re clean 🙂

9 06 2010

Sleep. 🙂

10 06 2010

I have to go with a 5 min shower followed by sleeeeeeepp!! A shower always help relax my muscles and fall into a deeper sleep fast.

13 06 2010
Miss MVK

For me, SHOWER because coffee can cure my sleep deprivation but nothing can cure my stinkiness! 🙂

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