Sleep Deprived Reality; Question About Stuffiness and Coffee Poo

16 06 2010

First, the babies are doing wonderfully besides catching little colds at daycare…I am truly distraught inside but I am trying to move past it – I have to work, so I have to get over them being there.

Both of my babies are really stuffy at night – any tips besides a cool mist humidifier – we are not convinced that it helps anyway – but I am open to all suggestions.  I think Spice’s stuffiness is what has been waking him up.  The STTN has not happened on a regular basis in what feels like a very long time!

So, being sleep deprived when you are home in your pjs all day is one thing…going to work and trying to function on a high level is another…

We are surviving – thank god my dh is starting to feel better.  He still has a hard time and cannot manage the babies alone as his knee is still not nearly 100% functioning…I am really looking forward to him being 100% so I can get some more sleep.

Another question – I started drinking coffee – not much – 2 cups when I wake up, 1 when I get to work and 1 in the afternoon – so they are spaced out – but I think their poo has changed – anyone else have experience with this????

Oh – and to answer a question – pumping at work is going – I do it three times during the day – I hate it and love it at the same time – I figure since I cannot be with them all day, the least I can do is continue to give them breast milk – but it is a real drag at times.




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16 06 2010

my little bear got a cold a couple of weeks ago…we did the humidifier, but i’m with you…not sure it helps. i also put a wedge under her mattress to elevate her head. this seemed to help the most. of course, i also used the bulb suction on her, but rarely got anything out…except when i sprayed a bit of nasal saline spray for babies in her nose first and then suctioned. she hated it, but it helped, i think. not sure if you’re into natural remedies, but we also gave her licorice root tincture (natural anti-viral)–1/4 tsp twice a day for a week. she never had a fever, so it was viral rather than bacterial. i also fed her more frequently to keep her fluids up.
isn’t it awful to hear their little stuffy noses?! probably the best remedy is our breast milk, as it carries antibodies to fight the cold…crazy, eh?!
as for the poops…i don’t know about the impact of coffee, but it could be from the colds? my little one’s poop was wierd while she was sick.
hope they’re feeling better soon!!

16 06 2010
Eleanora DCruz

I swear by Nasal Saline spray. Easy to use and very effective! And my paed said there are no side-effects.

16 06 2010

We used saline drops and a nasal aspirator when our little boy had a bad cold, plus calpol (baby paracetamol, not sure what you use in USA?) when he seemed in pain. I didn’t rate the aspirator, just seemed to upset him and never got much out. Definitely go for extra fluids though, we offered some cool boiled water on top of milk feeds but he was 5mths then. Poor little things, it’s horrid isn’t it, you are doing such a good job.

16 06 2010

Ps, I drank coffee when bfeeding with no obvious effects, about 3 cups a day. Maybe it is the cold?

16 06 2010

Awww hope they feel better soon. I dont’ have any advice but just wanted to send good healing thoughts!

16 06 2010

Kudos to you for staying the course with breastfeeding! That’s awesome. I wish I had any answers as far as their stuffy noses, but it’s been a long time since my pedi rotation 🙂

16 06 2010

i agree with all of the above people. we did the saline drops and bulb suction. we also put a wedge under the mattress, but i’m not sure it ever did anything. i’ve been drinking coffee also and haven’t noticed anything with changes in BMs. how have they changed??

16 06 2010

I agree with others about using the saline drops and elevating the head of the mattress, if possible. The saline drops really help to loosen up/dissolve the stuffy stuff. You don’t even have to use a nasal aspirator afterwards. Just put the drops in (or use the spray–the kind made for babies–if you prefer) and let them do their thing. (I could never get anything out with the nasal aspirator, so I gave up on that long ago.) As for elevating the mattress, I would just fold a blanket or towel, and put that under the head of the mattress to raise it up a bit. I’m not sure if your babes are rolling around in the bed yet. If they are, the mattress idea probably won’t work, since the babes will just move around.

17 06 2010

A long warm bath before bed helps with congestion. Also agree with all other comments! And, I did try to keep it to 2 cups a day of coffee, maybe try to substitute one of the cups with decaf, or tea and see if it makes a difference? BUt when I did splurge and drink more than two, I never noticed a difference in BM’s, just in his sleep cycle….
And hang in there with daycare, just know that the little ones HAVE to get sick and build up their immunity at some point. Forrest started daycare at 8 mos and immediately got sick. It’s been one cold after another since that time. But, thankfully, only one has necessitated antibiotics, (ear infection). And I give thanks to BFing for that! Keep it up! You’re doing great! And yes, keep that mentality when pumping, I know it IS tough, and time consuming, especially in a busy day, but you are supplying awesome food and nutrition to TWO human beings! You rock!

17 06 2010

And yes, the best remedy IS breast milk….! It’s really amazing!

22 06 2010

just checking in. you guys doing ok??

24 06 2010

I unfortunately have very little in the way of advice for the questions you asked, but I’m glad to hear you are starting to adjust and are able to do the pumping at work so the kiddos are still getting that fabulous homemade milk 🙂

29 06 2010

I spent half the day today reading your blog from the beginning. I am just now trying to conceive and reading your blog was so inspirational! So glad to hear Sugar and Spice are doing well and you are too! I will definitely be continuing to read to see how your family progresses!

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