Cuteness from this Morning

2 07 2010




8 responses

2 07 2010
It is what it is

OMG, these pictures MADE MY DAY!

Can they be any sweeter?!

Pinch yourself…they are yours! Simply awesome.

2 07 2010
Kara's Mom

OMG! They are so big already! Can you believe it? And adorable. You are a very lucky woman!

2 07 2010

So sweet!
I can sympathise with the pump work pump thing. Seems like all I do is pump. And sadly the freezer stash is running out and K had formula today for the first time. I guess I should be proud I made it to almost 4 months past her due date.

2 07 2010

i love these pics. i was always way too scared to let them sleep this close together….but now i wish i had pictures like this 😦 too cute!

2 07 2010

OH that cuteness just made me smile 🙂

2 07 2010

Soooooo cute!

3 07 2010

oh my goodness…darling. makes me wish (for at least 5 seconds) that our little bear had a twin! 🙂 precious and thanks for sharing!!

4 07 2010

Oh my goodness! Holy cuteness!

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