Sleepers; Transitioning to Formula

11 07 2010

We have ourselves some sleepers!!!!!  The babies passed the four month mark yesterday!!  Woo hoo!!!  I started giving Spice a few minutes when he fussed before rushing in to hold him/feed him – I could not do it for longer than a few minutes – but it has really paid off.  Sugar and Spice slept for 9.5 hours last night – woo hoo!!!!  I did go in at 5 to give him a pacifier when he was fussing.

I have lost 50 of the 65 pregnancy pounds…too bad I was 20-30 pounds over where I wanted to be when I got pregnant so now I have about 50 pounds to lose.  I am going to do weigh.t wat.chers – I have done it before and like it.  Because I am still nursing twins – see below – I am on about 40 points a day, which is a lot of food but I am still hungry!!  We started walking this weekend – my husband is finally on the mend – and we used our BOB.  One word – awesome – a picture of our sweeties is below.

I may start to transition to formula soon.  I feel like a selfish hag but the non-stop pumping is starting to wear me down – I feel like it takes away time with them, time with my husband, time from my life – is that the most horrible thing ever?  I wonder if I will be more stressed when I quit because I feel so guilty.  I am thinking that we will use powdered formula for the convenience – make it on the spot and it will be warm – does anyone have experience with’s at Costco?




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11 07 2010

A took Sams store brand just fine. Try not to feel too guilty (easier said than done, right?)

They are getting so big!

11 07 2010
Kara's Mom

They are gorgeous! what a great time of the year for them to be this age – they can be out and about and enjoy the outdoors. Don’t feel guilty – you did a great job and you should be congratulating yourself. xxoo

11 07 2010

Hi Lisa! Don’t feel guilty at all. I even read something that said the benefits of BM are maxed out by 3 months or so as far as protection for the baby.

I’m doing Weight Watchers too! It’s SO hard to stay in the points I’m shocked! Good luck to you on it and keep us posted on your progress!

11 07 2010

Seriously, you should not feel guilty. But I get it–I feel guilty that I won’t get to breastfeed an adopted baby, so I think you’ve done GREAT! To me, the time you could spend with them, with your hubs, doing something nice for yourself (!) probably outweighs the benefits of continued breastfeeding (from my limited memory of pediatrics it seems the most benefits come in the first few months). Just go with what feels right!

11 07 2010

The picture is adorable, what beautiful babies! I also love the stroller! I switched our girls to formula at 4 months as well and felt VERY guilty, but at the same time relieved. I’m using the Kirkland brand and I haven’t had any problems. Great work breastfeeding for 4 months. Good luck!

11 07 2010
It is what it is

OMG, nothing like seeing these babies to bring a smile!

Do NOT feel selfish or guilty. I pumped furiously for 3 months so that I would have enough of a store that when I weaned (in order to do another IVF when my son was 5 months) there would be a store of breastmilk. As we whittled down the supply, I started supplementing with formula until he finally transitioned to 100% formula.

You and your body have done a GREAT job, BRAVO, mama!

11 07 2010

i’m thinking of doing ww too…ugh.
congrats on the sleepers!!

11 07 2010

Don’t beat yourself up over switching to formula. You’re a total rockstar for lasting FOUR months with TWINS!!!!

I’ve never used the Kirklands brand, but the only formula EJ could tolerate was the Target brand. If you read the labels, they all seem to have the same nutritional information (except for the nutrients specific to each “variety” within the brand).

11 07 2010

OH, and I found that the powder was the easiest way to go. If you don’t have one already, get one of those cute powder dispensers. You measure the powder out in the morning into the 3 or 4 compartments, and then you can carry the bottles with the water in them and just dump the powder when the babies get hungry. Easy peasy.

11 07 2010

I guess I have a different perspective on this. I have 5 month twins and exclusively pumped. I still have to make up the difference with formula but I know that I am cutting the formula cost in half by continuing to pump. It is still really hard, don’t get me wrong but we figured the cost of formula is for twins is $300 a month and then you would have to add daycare. For us, with me a SAHM, paying for all formula would be too expensive… Don’t get me wrong I’m not condoning you; I’m just letting you know the facts. With formula, you’ll still have to heat it up like you do breast milk. Make sure you transition them because mine still hate 100% breast milk. They like it 1/2 and 1/2. Congrats on making it this far….

11 07 2010

First, congrats on the sleeping!!! Let’s hope it sticks….I’m thrilled for you 🙂

And no guilt….I’ve had friends make similar decisions for many of the same reasons….4 months with twins, and you’ve gone back to work….yeah, rockstar!!!

12 07 2010
Melissa G

Good Grief those kids are flippin’ adorable. Lisa, I’m so thrilled for you.

Good luck with the WW. That’s what I’m doing right now, I get 25 points a day and it’s just barely enough, I’m sort jealous of your 40!


12 07 2010

1. i may have some more ww questions for you. i’m almost there. i swear. i am just afraid of people telling me what i can eat.
2. you will be surprised at how NOT guilty you will feel after a week. when i started to supplement at 5 months i was all worked up about it….then after a week i couldn’t remember why i was so upset. now the kids don’t take any formula at all again….they just nurse less. you’ll find they take much less in when they eat more and more solid food. maybe that’s what made me feel less guilty??
3. i have a friend that NEVER warmed a single bottle. her kid took bm and formula just fine 🙂
4. kids are A-DOR-ABLE!

12 07 2010

did i mention i’m totally jealous that your kids are sleeping so long? wtf? can you help MY kids sttn?? 🙂

12 07 2010

soo cute are they..

My sister uses Kirkland.. has for a few months I think she likes it.. I only know cause she uses my costco card every freaking time.. haha..

Awesome about the weightloss 🙂

13 07 2010

Don’t feel guilty. I’m right there with you about being ready to give up pumping. I’d like to get her to 4 months with EBM (one 1oz taste of formula to see if she’d even taste it). After that, I think I’ll pump for another month if I can hack it to get enough of a freezer supply to do nearly 50/50 with formula until she hits 6 months old. After that, I think I’m done.
We’re planning to use the walmart parent’.s ch.oice brand of powdered formula. The research we did said it was just as good as the other brands (have national standards for formula), and some parents found their children tolerated it better. I think most of the no-name formulas are actually produced by the same company and marketed under different names.

13 07 2010

first, those are the Most beautiful babies ever. Wow.
And second,
if pumping is getting in the way of enjoying your babies, then it is not serving the purpose it needs to– you have given them 4 months of breastmilk! That is so awesome!
Do what’s best for you, and honestly? that will be what’s best for them.

I support you in any decision, but allow yourself to look at the whole picture, energy, time, attention– guilt usually comes when we feel we are not doing what we *should*–
there is no should.

take care of your wonderful self, and congratulations on all of your wonderful momentous successes– weight loss! gorgeous healthy babies!
a sweetie you can walk with!


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