12 07 2010

I woke up and looked at them and am going to try and keep  I will pump until I cannot pump anymore.  That may be tomorrow, that may be at six months, that may be at one year.but.for.&*(^^*’s.!!!!!




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12 07 2010

Ahh complain away.. pumping is huge..

12 07 2010

You can totally complain all you want. That much pumping is so much work! I have an almost 11-month old, and I am finally down to just one pump session per day at work. (Used to pump twice a day at work until she hit 10 months, and then decided I could scale back to just once, and things are peachy.) I swear I will burn that blasted pump the day I can stop using it!!

12 07 2010

Geez- I say you are entitled to a HUGE amount of complaining. I pumped for my twins for a week and that was all I could endure. I figured if I spent more time with the horns than awake time with my babies, something had to be done for my sanity. I give you a lot of credit for pumping this long!

12 07 2010

pumping is hardwork and time consuming…so go ahead and complain all you need to…
i think the one day at a time plan is a great one…kind, gentle and determined…you can do it one day at a time for as long as it works for you and your babies. i admire you!

12 07 2010

Lisa, pumping SUCKS. It just does. So you are allowed to complain as much as you want to!! And if you want to stop, you can. You have done great and you don’t need to beat yourself up over stopping. The best thing you can give your children is a happy mama who is as little stressed out as possible. I’m not saying you should give up if you don’t want to- but don’t be hard on yourself either- you’ve got a lot of balls in the air and no matter what you do you’ll still be an awesome mom.

13 07 2010

Hang in there, mama… I’m right there with you! 🙂 Plus, I’m super-excited about our deal!

13 07 2010

Good for you! I’m excited that you’re still going to continue. I think it will be the best for you and your babies, even if you have to supplement a bit. It’s worth it

14 07 2010

Do what’s right for you and your babies and your family as a whole. Breastmilk is amazing for babies and so is time with their parents and sleep for you! Getting the right balance is so hard and subjective. I always found it so hard to get it right and I’m sure made wrong decisions at times.

You are doing an amazing job breastfeeding twins, I found it hard enough with one! I tapered off from 5 months (cutting out middle of the night pumping) and finally stopped completely at 7.5months. My son is thriving on formula alongside homemade organic solid food. I do get annoyed when people knock formula, it is a perfectly healthy and appropriate substitute to breast milk even though I know breastmilk is superior. and I love having that extra time with my son now (I mostly pumped, he didn’t nurse well as he got older and more alert), but having said that I might not have felt so fine about it if I’d stopped at 3 months say. Plus I have one baby and a 15 month maternity leave, you have two babies and work full time, must be such a major juggling act.

Good luck with everything, your babies are gorgeous and look so happy and well!

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