Antibiotics; Weights; and Making Our Own Food Questions

16 07 2010

So, Sugar and Spice had what I lovingly refer to as the daycare crud – runny noses and coughs – it seemed to get worse so I took them to the pediatrician on Monday…and poor little Sugar has a double ear infection and poor little Spice has a upper respiratory infection – not severe and they were smiling all through the appointment…I still cried.  I am horribly allergic to penicillin so I made them give the babies an antibiotic from a different strain – a cepha.lo sporin – and they seem to be tolerating it well.  It breaks my heart to hear them breathing like they have a pound of mucous in their throats but I hope that means it is breaking up and going away…

The surprising news at the appointment was that Sugar weighs 16.7 pounds!!!!  and Spice weighs 15.5 pounds!!!!  That puts her in the 90thish percentile and him in the 50th for four month olds…I did not think they weighed that much – go breast milk!!!  I know Sugar is going to be so mad at Spice – they eat roughly the same amount and unfortunately, it appears as though she inherited my metabolism!!

I have a feeling we will be discussing solid foods at our well check up and shot appt on the 29th…especially since Sugar does not seem satisfied after each feeding – they both eat 6 oz 6 times per day and we give extra whenever they still seem hungry – so they are at least drinking 36 ounces of breast milk a day.  Spice also seems to be getting bored with eating…

I did want to try and wait until 6 months to start solids – from everything I have read, it seems as though a lot of harm can be done by starting too early – such as creating allergies.  I had pretty bad childhood allergies – milk, bread, etc. – and I had to get allergy shots once per week.  I do not want them to have to deal with any of that.  That is the other reason why I am pushing myself to keep them on breast milk for as long as possible – to hopefully help them avoid allergies.

So – if we do get the green light to start solids, I know that there are some that you can start with that really decrease the likelihood of allergies – cereal, bananas, sweet potatoes – anyone else have any suggestions???  Also – we live close to a farm market and if I am willing to pump what was 10 and now 6 times per day, I can and want to take the time out to make their food (yes, this is as I stuff supreme pizza and down my throat).  For those of you who have made your own food, what is the fastest and easiest way to do it?????

I am really excited about starting them on solids – I just don’t want to rush it.

Finally – Sugar and Spice are on a real schedule now!  Their last feeding is at 8:30, they go down by 9:15 and sleep until 6 or 6:30 (I still get up 3-4 times and check on them) – we will eventually move the last feeding back to 8 pm but they seem happy with this for now!




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16 07 2010

Someone suggested to me (and my MIL bought me one for my birthday) the baby.cook from Willi.ams-Son.oma. I haven’t used it yet since I am sticking with breastmilk until 6 months but I’ve read some great reviews and other women have actually emailed me to suggest it. Its also a cool looking gadget if you are into that.

I can’t believe how big they are! My little girl is only at almost 14 pounds at her last checkup and she is 5 months next week! eeek! That is insane! I think I have a little one on my hands b/c she is a real chunky monkey with the cutest little michelin man rolls but still only 14 lbs…She is also DYING to start food and has been for the last month, so it is hard to hold off, but I too have allergies and decided I will work my hardest to keep her on only breastmilk until 6 months. Good luck! No judgement either way (I’m staying home so it is easier to feed CONSTANTLY, I’m so impressed you are getting it all done!). I hope they feel better soon!

16 07 2010

I think you are amazing for wanting to make their food! I am quite excited to hear more about it, especially since I aspire to do that once we have our baby 🙂 I hope the kiddos feel better…poor kiddos!

16 07 2010
It is what it is

I don’t have food allergy issues but waited until 6 months to start solids (and, frankly, he was ready earlier but as a first time mom, I was not). His first solid food was mashed fresh avocado. He LOVED it. I have the sweetest picture of him eating it off my finger.

I never made my own food although I should have given where I live (So CA where fruits/veggies are always in abundance at the year round Farmer’s Market. He did well on rice cereal as well as the multi-grain and in the early weeks I mixed it with formula (I stopped breast feeding in order to do an IVF). We did one veggie or fruit every three days or so. After the avocado and the rice cereal came sweet potatoes. YUM!

16 07 2010

If you really wanted to, around 3 or 4 months you can start to give them a tablespoon of cereal. I believe you start with rice as it’s easiest to digest.

As to making baby food, I made it up in a food processor (blenders suck), and it works as good as a blender pretty much. You can then put them in ice cube trays, then put the cubes in baggies, labeled. That way you have a bunch of food in baggies that you only have to take out 1 serving at a time.

I liked making my own baby food….and I knew exactly what was going in it.

I’m glad to hear the little ones are growing so well though…wow, those are some great weights!

17 07 2010

We were told to skip past cereal and start right in with avocado, banana, and sweet potato. We’ve done all 3 by 4 months (since I have crap milk supply, and she was 11 days overdue, I figured I could start a little early), and she’s enjoyed them. Gave her prunes tonight. I think next up will be pears, apples, and peas.

17 07 2010

i’m impressed you’re going to make their food. i just didn’t see how i would possibly have time!

we started with rice cereal, then bananas, then sweet potatoes, then added fruits and vegetables alternating. bananas and sweet potatoes are still their favorites. 🙂

btw: your kids eat WAY more milk than mine do, lol. maybe that’s why mine are still so little? i’m sure it doesn’t have anything to do with the fact i’m barely over 5 feet tall? lol.

17 07 2010

I made EJ’s food from the time he started fruits/veggies. It wasn’t 100% of it since it’s easier for travel to used the jar stuff. But if we were at home, it came out of my fridge/freezer. It’s super easy…a little time consuming…but easy.

I can tell you how I did each fruit and veggie, but it will be a loooong post. Feel free to send me an email if you want all of my recipes.

18 07 2010

The twins are growing beautifully! Congrats on a great check-up!

19 07 2010

Hi….dropping in to say hi and thinking of you. Will catch up on your blog one of these days. I’m sure we are all in the same place….. 🙂


19 07 2010

Wow you are doing such an amazing job, they sound like they are doing so well (apart from their little bugs, poor little mites!) can’t believe you can pump that much milk!!! You are superwoman! 🙂
I have some severe food allergies and so waited till my son was 6mths, felt terrible about it as for a good six weeks before he was trying to swipe food off our plates and generally looking at us like a hungry puppy at meal times, I was bfeeding every 3-4hrs plus giving as much formula as he wanted to top up at this stage, I think if I hadn’t done that he wouldn’t have lasted and our dr strongly advised formula top ups rather than food in our case given allergies (but I didn’t have the super supply you do!).

I make all his food now and I love this part of motherhood. But then I love to cook and always cook mine and hubbys meals too… I really enjoy cooking nutritious food from scratch fir my kittle one, introducing new tastes, light amounts of spices and slightly more challenging textures etc. But I only have one baby and I have a 15 mth maternity leAve so slightly different.

My boy liked the foods you state above, we introduced more veg than fruit early on so as to avoid sweet tooth. Another hint for a few weeks into weaning is to make homemade chicken stock with an organize chicken carcass, root veg and bouquet garni, water ( we used left overs from our own roast dinner). Reduce it down and freeze in ice cube trays and add to pureed veg to get the babies used to the taste of chicken before you introduce it as it’s quite a strong taste for them.

I also made a point of giving my son most things initially unmixed, I.e a cube of brocolli and then a cube of sweet potato, not mixed in together at first to try and get him used to different individual tastes. Good luck!

19 07 2010

Ps sorry for typos, I am terrible at typing on iPhone! Was supposed to say organic chicken!

20 07 2010
miss MVK

I made Piglet’s food, all of it. It was surprisingly NOT that time consuming and I felt good about it. Peas are the easiest of all things. Apples aren’t bad either! I second the Williams Sonoma baby food cooker, though at first I just used a mini Cuisinart which worked fine too. I started Piglet on oatmeal with DHAs and probiotics (by Happy Baby) and then added in applesauce or peas to start. Oatmeal is better than rice cereal because it has nutritional value, not just carbs.

You are awesome! Here’s my clinking my pump part to yours!

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