Strange Poo

24 07 2010

I almost fell over last night – I was changing spice’s diaper and saw a formed greenish waxy looking ball in his diaper…I immediately started freaking out internally but did not want to freak out externally and scare him…I squished it and it was waxy and not poo like.  I started imagining that daycare gave him something, that he had a bowel obstruction, etc. etc.  I called for my husband and he investigated the poo closely as well…I called the emergency on call number and talked to a nurse – who said it was okay, that it was his body’s way of processing the antibiotics that they are on…and as long as it is not black, bloody or white, that it is okay.  She said that they  have a special poo protocol since there are so many calls about poo.

I am still not at ease about it and I keep seeing that ball of poo in my mind’s eye…I take gummy vitamins and I wonder if it is that building up in my breast milk????????   At any rate, we are definitely not starting solids yet – I want to wait until the antibiotics are out of their systems and his poo goes back to normal.

Does anyone have any experience with this??????  And, just to leave you with a little cuteness, this is them taking their morning nap:




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24 07 2010
miss MVK

I’ve never seen a poo like you describe, but I HAVE seen my fair share of weird poops. Including one, I kid you not, shaped like a giraffe. I’ll post a pic on my blog. 😉 I would trust the nurse on this one. Babies metabolize medication differently than we do and especially since all they’ve ever had is breast milk, their bodies do crazy stuff with it!

Sugar and Spice are soooooo cute. How long have they been sleeping unswaddled?

24 07 2010
Kara's Mom

I have no experience with poo yet, but BOY are they cute!!!!

24 07 2010

A special poo protocol?? That is fabulous. You know your life has changed when you become a poo inspector 🙂 Unfortunately, I have no wisdom for you on this subject, but trust the nurse…after all, they have a protocol!

24 07 2010
It is what it is

It’s hard to know without actually seeing it, but yes, weird poop happens for a reason or no reason and you may never know why. You’ll have to see if you get a repeat of it.

But, be prepared that solid food means solid poop (which can be very daunting if you’re not prepared).

Enough about poop, they are so FREAKIN cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24 07 2010

I wouldn’t worry, my son has had some green waxy like poo here and there since starting solids, i just figured it was a little constipation, he in fact had it yesterday and I kid you not, it was an adult size terd i have no idea how he pushed it out. Anyway now that i was totally grossed you out…how freakin cute are those 2 sleeping together, mine would punch each other into tears! I’m now off to hopefully see this “giraffe poo” if that persons blog isn’t private, i’m very intrigued

24 07 2010

Very cute picture!!!

And love the “poo protocol”!

24 07 2010

No clue about the poo. Bu that’s one sweet photo!

25 07 2010

don’t worry about the green waxy….can be completely normal with those crazy meds! Those little bodies will adjust and it should work it’s way out. If you think green waxy is crazy, just wait till they DO start on solids….uggh. Forrest is a berry fan and we get our fare share of crazy turds over here 🙂

25 07 2010

can’t help on the poo question, but i LOVE this picture…so peaceful. can’t wait to get our little bear out of the swaddle so i can see her in these cute sleep positions! sweetness!

29 07 2010

Never knew how stressed I’d get over poo until I had a baby! Green waxy is a first, but he has been having CRAZY green stools lately- like green like the grass- maybe its just a thing?

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