The F Word; Sugar Laughing; Spice Rolling Over

29 07 2010

Sugar and Spice had their 4 month check up today – even though they are going to be 5 months old very soon…at any rate, Spice is in the 50th percentile for boys for everything – height (25.75 inches), weight (15 lbs 8 ounces) and head circumference.   Sugar is in the 90th percentile for girls for all – 26 inches long, 16 lbs 15 ounces and head circumference.

When we got there, Sugar was laughing her ass off – it was magical and I felt bad that she would soon be screaming and crying from the shots…and in milestone news, Spice rolled over all the way from his back onto his belly – and moved his arms appropriately to be on his stomach!

I asked our pedi about the f word.  And he was first very supportive of the fact that I have been able to do all bm this long and also very supportive of the use of formula – in fact, he said it was better than breast milk.  HAHAHA – only joking, I told my DH that I was going to put that in my post and that I would be getting flamed like crazy.  He obviously did not say that – but said that formula is a fine choice and provides everything our babies need to continue to thrive.   I really like him – he said that there were a lot of “right ways” to do this and that I got them through a critical time on all bm.  I almost started crying.

So, we drove to our local and picked up some powdered formula.  It felt weird.  I was self-conscious and felt like the cashiers would give me dirty looks – in fact and of course, no on noticed and no one cared.  So I brought it home and mixed it up and tasted it – and oddly enough, it did not taste as bad as I thought it did and really tastes similarly to my bm if you can believe it.  And it tastes much better and is of better consistency than the pre-mixed stuff (Simila.c Ad.vance) I used the first week after they were born when I was not sure of my supply.  So, we started them off with 1 ounce in each bottle with 5 ounces of bm.  We’ll see how it goes.  I have been pumping only five times per day, twenty minutes per pump and I can tell a difference in my supply – I think also from doing WW.  I will continue to pump five times a day until I don’t.  I will do it for twenty minutes until I don’t.  And I will nurse my little ones when I can.  And we will take it from there.

I want to thank everyone for their support – I really appreciate it – and even if you have different viewpoints, you have been respectful and kind – thank you.




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29 07 2010

Glad you’ve been given official permission to relax about the BM now. Hope they take to the formula and you get to get a life back!

30 07 2010

LMAO that you thought you’d get dirty looks from the cashier…I’ve felt the same way!! But, ironically, where I live, you actually get the dirty looks when you say that your breastfeed. I should have known better. I feel HORRIBLE feeding formula…but we all have to make our peace with our own decisions. If it is any consolation, after a few bumps in the road where my daughter tried to nurse or tried to snuggle in when she was upset instead of eating from the bottle, she is enjoying bottle feeding…though I still haven’t tried a bottle of just formula yet. Anyway, I am impressed that you were able to breastfeed as long as you did with twins and still working! You’ve given me inspiration if I have twins next time:-)

30 07 2010

i always wonder what the breakdown is of breastfeeding v. formula feeding moms. is bf the majority or minority, you know? i feel like most people i know are bf’ing, but then again that could be a selection bias on my part or just based on the personalities of my friends? or the fact that it is pretty liberal in my area? who knows. i definitely consider myself lucky to have done it for so long, that is for sure. and i definitely don’t have the same visceral response to formula that i once did. now it is just something i do 🙂

you’ll be surprised at how much this relieves a bunch of stress, seriously. 🙂

5 08 2010

Wait- WW is affecting your supply??? Please elaborate since I too am doing WW.

I’m proud of you for not beating yourself up over the “F” word. You have done great and you are continuing to do great!!!!

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