5 Months Old – What???!!!

10 08 2010

Sugar and Spice are five months old today – what happened to the time!!!!!

We started cereals – Sugar HATED it – Spice loved it.  I moved to pureed organic peaches (thanks Maria for the food tips) that I made myself and same thing – Sugar acted like I was trying to feed her dog poo…..this morning was a success – cereal plus peaches=yummy happy babies!!!

My father in law heard that Sugar was not down with the solid food so he wanted to know why I was not feeding her jarred baby food – I told him that I enjoy making her food and that when it is possible – I am going to make it myself with organic stuff.  He was like “Organic, hmmmmph” like I was feeding them poison – it made me laugh out loud.

I am so in love and fall more deeply in love every day.  They are smiling and laughing like crazy.  Life is good.




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10 08 2010

5 mos. old? Wow. Flying time, indeed! Had to laugh at your FIL’s reaction. I’ve gotten the same from my inlaws & husband about plans to make babyfood so I can go organic, as well as so I can go with what we’re eating from an early age. It is so good to read about you smiling and being “more deeply in love every day”. Reading other women’s transitions from TTC to pregnancy to motherhood has been one of the most rewarding things about this blogging part of my life, and I’ve always felt especially glad that you’re finding the whole thing so rewarding.

10 08 2010

you are SUPERMOM!!! Love it!

10 08 2010
Kara's Mom

I can’t believe it’s been 5 months. I’m so jealous! I’m loving the newborn stage – (they turned 1 month yesterday) but I’m also freaking out about their lack of schedules and their lack of sleeping at night. I go back to work at the end of September and I’m praying that things will be smoother by then. I long for the day when mine turn 5 months, but am trying to soak in their newborn-ness at the same time. I don’t want to miss a second of this time, but am also looking forward to the time when I am not completely exhausted!

10 08 2010

Doesn’t time just seem to fly by way too fast now?! I bet you are loving this stage! I think this age is so much fun! You really are an amazing mom … working, pumping, making your own baby food, etc… Great job! Do you have the book Super Baby Food? I highly recommend it. You’ll love it since you are making your own food. Have you tried avocado with the kids yet? Mine loved it at first, but now are gagging on it. Maybe I’m not making it as thin as I did the first time?! I just keep offering it every so many days. Tomorrow we’re going to try yogurt! Exciting stuff! I’m glad to hear that life is good! 🙂

11 08 2010

Well done on making their food! Had to laugh, my dad is 71 and has a very skeptical reaction to both organic food (“is it safe to eat food that might not have had bacteria killed by the pesticides”!!!!) and me making it (“are you sure that’s as hygenic as a factory?” !!!). Homemade food is yummy and nutritious, your babies are very lucky.

11 08 2010
12 08 2010

5 months…wow, time is flying by, for me anyway..might not for you right now…but when you look back, you’ll wonder where it all went!

Horray on finding something that works with the cereal….it’s always good to have sucess!!!

13 08 2010

Cereal with peaches was always (still is) a huge hit with EJ 🙂 Now that he’s older I put it in cream of wheat or regular oatmeal.

So funny about your FIL!

14 08 2010

LOL @ your FIL. My mom keeps saying to her friends on the phone, “They just do things differently these days.” Ha ha ha!

Congrats on hitting 5 months! You are almost to my favorite; the 6-9 month range is one of the best IMO. They can sit up and coo and laugh, but they can’t crawl around and destroy the house. 🙂 But honestly every stage is my favorite when we get there… when they walk, and then talk. We hold conversations with my 2 1/2 year old that just blow my mind! Children are amazing, we are so lucky. Glad you are happy in motherhood. 🙂

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