Sleep and Food Update

26 08 2010

The babies have turned into marvelous sleepers, for which I am alternately grateful and sad.  We started our sleep schedule by feeding them their last feeding earlier and earlier.  It used to be 10 pm, then we backed it up to 9 pm, etc. and now we feed them between 7 and 8 pm and they go to bed directly after that.  We make sure we change them into their pjs before they eat and keep the dry during their feeding.  They sleep until about 6 am.  My little Spice man is sleeping on his stomach now – he has been flipping over regularly for about a week and a half now – scary for me – but my pediatrician and all research indicates that if he i strong enough to do that, it will be okay.  I am sad about the early sleeping because I usually do not get home until 6:30-6:45 and so I do not see them much at night.

They are still drinking mostly breast milk.  I started supplementing with formula about 3-4 weeks ago and cutting down how much I pump.  I am only pumping 3 times per day and I still get about 50 ounces of milk per day which means that they get 2 ounces of formula in every bottle with 5 ounces of breast milk except at night we do give them extra formula – 3 ounces to 4 plus of breast milk.  I do not know how long this will last but I just take it one day at a time.  I have been having a hell of a time with clogged ducts from cutting down on the pumping…not fun but heat and massage takes care of it.

Work has been grueling.  I am really busy so I go in, shut my door and grind away so that I can leave at 6 every day.  I am not keeping up like I should at work but my time with the babies is more important to me now.  I am trying to get used to the rigorous schedule – get up, pump, feed babies, play with babies, get babies dressed, get organized, drop them off at daycare, work like a dog, rush home, squeeze babies, feed babies, put babies to bed, crash.

I have not been able to work in a regular shower schedule!  Yes, gross, I know but it is not a priority to me – I would rather snuggle or watch the babies play while I am pumping, which I am doing right now.

We are going to do a road trip with them this weekend – 6 hour drive – nothing compared to my hero strong blonde – but we are scared!




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26 08 2010
Kara's Mom

Wow – you are my hero! I hope I’ll be doing as well as you when my babies reach 5 months 🙂 Keep up the great work mama!

26 08 2010

It sounds like you are hitting the working mother of babies rhythm…LOL. Tiring, but it sounds like you are doing amazingly!!!

26 08 2010

Seriously, strong blonde is amazing!

Ugg, I’m going back to work on Monday. Luckily it’ll be like 7:00-4:15 including the 40 minute commute, but I am still sad. Although, I have really missed teaching and am excited about meeting my next crop of kiddos! 4 months, my longest stretch without working, ever!

I’ve been showering at night. Seems like the easiest time. Of course, I’m not pumping. During the stint that I was, it was exhausting. I admire you so much.

So, getting sleep! That must be fantastic!

Thanks for the comment on the dogs. I don’t know what to do. Poor doggies, they are just so rambunctious that I can’t trust them around my tiny little girls.

How often do you bathe yours? The nursery nurses said every 3-4 days. But then someone commented about having a bath as part of the nightly routine.

26 08 2010
It is what it is

You go, mama! Pumping 50 oz of breast milk over only 3 sessions certainly qualifies you for some kind of award!

It is a grind when working…I hope you fall into a pattern that works for you. There is a shift that occurs when a woman becomes a mother that for even the hard driving, results oriented, job satisfied best of us work satisfaction is no longer guaranteed when there are children at home.

26 08 2010

dude. you are MY hero….or at least your boobs are, lol. i was so sad. i pumped 12 oz on tuesday. 12. that’s it. over 8 hours. for two babies. 😦 i’m trying to be optimistic about it since i will likely start weaning in a month. they only took in 14 oz while i was gone, but still! i’ve always been working with a negative output! i’m very jealous of you. you have awesome output.

the driving wasn’t so bad. seriously. 6 hours is totally manageable in a day. our limit was about 8. (we did 12 twice and once it was hell, the second time wonderful). we would get up, feed the babies, play with them, then leave when it was time for their morning nap. we would drive like the wind until they would wake up, then try to keep them occupied until we could stop. we would stop and nurse and maybe give them a little snack. then we would drive more. usually during this time i would have to get in the back with them to play and visit. then we would drive until it was time for them to eat lunch. we’d go somewhere, usually fast food (boo) and do lunch for me and B and the babies. we have the phil and ted’s me too chairs that clip on most tables. if your babies can sit by themselves the chairs are awesome! i think yours might still be a little young for them. then we’d try to walk briefly with them, then put them back in the car and they would sleep again. again we’d drive like the wind until they woke up and do it all over again. we tried really, really hard to be at our destinations by their dinner time so that we could feed them and put them down there. it just seemed to make our life easier.

i know people who swear by leaving the house in the middle of the night though. i just didn’t think our kids would make the transition very well.

sorry about the shower situation, but i’m also glad to hear that someone is like me 😉 i even left the house today without deodorant on! gasp. if i’m not going to shower every day i still need to figure out a way to make sure i at least am able to cover my smell!!!! lol.

can’t wait to hear how the trip goes!

26 08 2010

holy long comment! sorry!

27 08 2010

You are so amazing. I’m in awe and I really have no grasp on what this all entails…
I knew someone who pumped on her commute…

27 08 2010

Wow, that is awesome that they sleep so long! We are not so lucky here, but they do pretty good, so it could be worse.

I so hear you on the work thing. All I do is rush, rush, rush all day. It’s exhausting!! 😦

31 08 2010

Hey sweetie,
I had to make my blog private. I went to email you to “invite” you but I can’t find your email address. If you want to have access to read my blog, send me an email at edandmaria at aol dot com.
Thanks 🙂

31 08 2010

omg, you are superwoman!

31 08 2010

WOW, your boobies are amazing! LOL. 50 oz is a lot of milk, especially when your juggling in working all day too.

You’re doing a fantastic job at trying to juggle everything…it’s so hard, and sounds like you have a high pressure job.

Your doing great, keep up the hope that thing will get into a better routine and you’ll find your shower time again soon.

12 09 2010

You are doing a great, I’m so jealous that you are getting sleep! A tip on the clogged ducts. I used to have them recurring… soooo painful… but now I take 1200 mg per day of lecithin and I haven’t had one since. The first day you can take 3x that amount to knock out the clog.

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