Car Seat Update; Stroller Question!!!

7 09 2010

Thank you everyone for the suggestions!!  We purchased two Britax Round.about seats for my car, which we use for road trips, and two Cosco Scen.ara seats for DH’s car, which we use only for pickups at daycare for a 10 minute drive.  The Britax seats were 150.00 ordered directly from Target with free shipping (same price and sent from Target on Amazon but with $90 shipping!!!).  The Cosco seats were $45 each on Amazon with free shipping.  Both seats were rated very well on consumer reports – I did not want cheap if it meant unsafe!!!!!!

So, what is a good, lightweight double stroller for everyday use (probably more like an umbrella stroller) once they outgrow the snap-n-go??  I like side by sides and would want something that reclines.




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7 09 2010

we ended up getting a peg perego twin aria from ebay. it’s only 13 lbs and folds completely flat. i love it. it’s our keep-in-the-car stroller.

i might have to get that 50 dollar seat!

7 09 2010

I recommend the baby jogger city mini double. I literally can turn it with my pinky. It is that easy. It’s folds in half to the size of a suitcase, and opens up by just extending it. And there is full shade against the sun and both seats fully recline. My twins love it.

12 09 2010

You’ll love the Roundabout! Congrats on making the decision, doesn’t that feel good?

And I just posted about strollers myself. 🙂 We ended up with the Baby Jogger City Mini Double, just as the previous commenter suggests. If you want umbrella style, I would consider the Maclaren. They have two levels of twin strollers (Triumph and Techno). We have the single version for Bean and I looove it. I wanted the double version (and still may find a way to get it) but for our needs we definitely needed the Baby Jogger, since it’s a bit more heavy-duty.

13 09 2010

I used the Maclaren twin traveller with my twins, it folds really compactly and reclines, we still use it for travelling and they are five now!! Its a little pricey but worth it as you will use it forever!

18 09 2010

I don’t have twins but LOVE the Maclaren. We have bought a Maclaren 3 times over we love it so much (stolen once, airplane mishap, and now we’re on our 3rd). Excellent, light weight brand.

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