21 09 2010

I am so happy for new mama Sprogblogger!!!  And for a lot of other women with whom I have shared this journey through blogging that are expecting.

And for those of you that have not yet had success, I find myself feeling so angry and sad for you.  I WANT THIS FOR YOU.   I really do not have any great words but I think of so many of you on a regular basis and I WANT THIS FOR YOU.  ((HUGS))

I had a really bad dream while I was on vacation – I was pregnant and I started bleeding and I ended up losing the pregnancy and watching it come out – I had a traumatic experience in the bathroom watching my first pregnancy ending in the toilet and it still haunts me.  Infertility is horrid.  Miscarriage is horrid.




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22 09 2010

Oh how awful. Hugs to you.

And 52????? Yikes for my 90!!!! LOL.

22 09 2010

Thanks for the wonderful wishes, L. I want this for everyone, too.
And it’s worth it all. No matter how crappy the journey to get here? Worth every step.

23 09 2010

Amen to that. Sorry about your dream and what you went through. Sounds horrific and must have been so heartbreaking.

23 09 2010
IF Optimist (Traci)

Sorry for the nightmare. I have them too, waking and sleeping. Delivery and NICU and tiny tiny little persons hooked up to machines. I still can’t write so well about it. It haunts me at night, sometimes. Luckily I get to smell their heads and hear their giggles and sighs. Wishing you more and more peace in your heart as the years go on. Big hugs.

24 09 2010

i hate dreams like that. 😦

IF is such a sucky road, but sprog said it well: worth every step.

4 10 2010

thank you for wanting this for us. i love it when i read posts like yours. i have hope. it will happen one day and the journey will all be worth it.

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