New Territory – Baby Proofing and Transformation

26 09 2010

First, let me say that as I sit here on a Sunday morning, I am exquisitely happy.  I have never known happiness and love like this.  My sweeties are in their plush my little lamb swing and seat as I type.  My man is sleeping – the poor thing coughed all night long and every time I went in to pick him up and give him some warm liquids (water and/or apple juice), he fell back to sleep.  My little lady is in her seat investigating the wonders of her hands and the soothie she has clutched in them.

So, I need to reorganize my kitchen and dining room baby play/storage area and I am going to do a bullet point on the new territory I am in on two fronts:

  1. Baby proofing – Sugar and Spice are not “crawling” but omg are they moving around – they just roll and roll until they get to where they want to go – and they can also pivot while on their stomach to change directions.  Nothing is safe – shit we used to leave around has to stop.  So, we are getting rid of our coffee table and replacing our end tables with faux leather ottomans (great sale at JCP).  We spent a small fortune on gates and are either going to block off all openings or create a prison safe area for them to play in…any other tips on baby proofing would be appreciated.
  2. My body – I am still about 15 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight – and am having a hard time not shoveling total garbage down my throat – this is leading to my second point that I was 20 pounds more than I wanted to be/usually am when I got pregnant tanks to the IVF/IF/IUI drugs and depression.  I look back and I did not realize how totally and utterly depressed I was.  I did not want to go anywhere, do anything, talk to anyone.  For years.  Now I have everything I have ever wanted and more – and I am enjoying all of it – the weight will come off when I am ready – but to actually have MY body back, without drugs, without hormones, is amazing.  I quit nursing/pumping about one week ago – that is an entire post in and of itself – and my boob.s are KILLING me.  There is no happiness around quitting – better time management yes – but mostly guilt, especially when my daughter tried to nurse the other day.  Like I said – a separate post.  So excluding that – it really feels quite amazing to be done – my heart and life have been filled and I can live now.  Sprog mentioned in her post about doing whatever you need to do to get here – I second that – and while I pass no judgment on anyone else about how they do this – obviously – we used DS to get here – open yourselves up to DS, DE, surrogacy, adoption, whatever – these kids are ours and we both feel that way, they were meant to be ours.  That being said – we did go through a totally separate “grieving” process at the time regarding using our own genetic material – it seems so inconsequential now, it is unbelievable.  We totally emptied our savings to get here, we moved from a 3500 square foot house to a 1300 square foot house, I sold my and bought a minivan and buy clothes at tar.get or the evil wal.mart now.  I would do it all over again a million times.  Okay – enough – I really must organize this place.



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26 09 2010

Isn’t it ridiculous how much baby gates cost?!?!?!

I’m so happy for you sweetie…even if you drive a minivan now!!! LOL.

26 09 2010

Kara doesn’t really roll much or get around – she’s happy to just sit and play with something.
Since BF/pumping is something I’ve struggled with, I’d love to hear your thoughts on stopping and how you weaned…

26 09 2010

On the baby proofing, all I can say is plan slightly ahead (they’ll be crawling and pulling up in no time!) and don’t underestimate their curiosity and intellect…. My little man just has to see how everything works (as all babies do), we’ve had a relatives cd player set on timer for midnight, phone numbers called, my facebook status updated with gibberish from him getting hold of my phone, nothings safe LOL! Good job on the soft pieces of furniture though, we didn’t do that and he had knocked himself on the coffee table too often.
On nursing…. The bit you’re in is horrible, I’m sure there’s something hormonal at the giving up stage that makes you feel bad, I kept having panicky feelings of not being ready to give up even though I knew it was the right thing for many reasons. Strangely after a couple of weeks once my milk completely stopped all those feelings went away and I was just happy to be done with it and move onto thr next phase of his babyhood.

26 09 2010

you know i transformed my dining room into a large baby cage, right? 🙂 smartest thing we ever did. we can go there and leave a baby there for brief periods of time if we need to. otherwise, we put gates in front of stairs and got the leather ottoman in place of our coffee table. we’re not done, but we’re waiting to see what they get into and where they seem to focus their energy, lol.

i would also love to hear how you weaned. i added cow’s milk this week and am starting to wean, but the whole concept just seems foreign and not intuitive.


27 09 2010
miss MVK

We never had to do much beyond two gates (top and bottom of stairs) and outlet covers, with Piglet but I am dreading babyproofing for the Twinks! I think a prison is the way to go for sure. That way you can have a little peace if you have to turn your back for one second.

I love that you are so happy in your life! Kids are the best thing in the world and kids born to infertility sufferers love their kids more than anyone. I swear it.

27 09 2010

Great post…….on all accounts….

29 09 2010
Kara's Mom

No advice on the baby proofing – but a friend of mine recently gave me some…check under the couches, tables, etc. all the time for little things they might put into their mouth. He said “everything goes into their mouths.”
You are a great mom – the sacrifices you have made to have your family – I totally admire you and am SO happy that you’re so happy. You are an inspiration. We spent $100K to get where we are now…and I couldn’t be happier.

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