Hello Darkness My Old Friend

1 10 2010

my period is coming.  Sigh.  It was nice while it lasted and this explains the monster zits that have taken over my face.

I am scared – I had horrific periods, lots and lots of cramps and puking – any tips on what to expect postpartum???




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1 10 2010

I just got my first after the twins and it lasted all of 3 days with very lite flow. No idea why. Then my next came the next month on schedule and it was pretty bad. I too have HORRIBLE cramping but none so far this time. Be warned that the flow is so much more after having a baby. My sister told me what to expect so I wasn’t surprised. It’s one thing having to deal with it but with 2 babies and the not knowing when you ‘ll get a shower isn’t too fun to say the least. Maybe this will just be a light one… 🙂 Hugs!

1 10 2010

I haven’t had one yet, but if they’re heavier than before, I’m screwed!

1 10 2010

You could get a mirena IUD. The progestin thins your lining and makes periods much lighter.

1 10 2010

🙂 i still have not had one. the kids are one. i got the iud. seems totally silly considering i had to work my ass off to get pregnant the first time, but who cares. i have palpitations worrying about “the return”. lol.

1 10 2010

first cycle was very mild, very little cramping however ovulation is so much mroe painful. when I was TTC I would measure my tempearture, evalyate my CM etc. etc. etc. … now there is NO way I could not notice when I am ovulating

2 10 2010

I used to have wonderfully light periods. After having EJ, it’s super heavy. Who knows how it will be after having these babies??

3 10 2010

Mine have not been good I’m afraid, heavier than before and very painful even for a few days before. But everyones different….. Hopefully yours will be ok!

9 10 2010

I have to say my periods after having Bean were just the same as they were before, unfortunately! (I have endo, so OUCH!) I hope you are one of the lucky ones whose AF is easier. 🙂

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