Toy/Activity Recommendations

2 10 2010

Hi all.  I am clueless when it comes to what toys/activities would be fun and instructional for Sugar and Spice!  What have you found to be good for 7ish month old babies?  They can sit up on their own for extended periods of time (thanks to daycare), they love to shout and hear themselves, they love their exersaucer and jumper.

I am composing my weaning post in my mind – it seems bizarre that after 2 weeks my left girl is still leaking and producing milk…




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2 10 2010
the babychaseproject

I’m a pediatrician and I always suggest to my patients to buy toys that will stimulate the child’s development. The Discovery toys website is great.

2 10 2010

Someone got us a LeapFrog drum for 6+ months that seems neat. Of course we haven’t used it yet.

I’ll be interested in hearing what your readers have to say.

2 10 2010

We have LeapFrog’s Learn & Groove Musical Table and the boys LOVE it! You can use it on the floor without the legs, which is how we are currently using it. They lay and sit to play wth it. It helps them learn letters, numbers, colors and can be played in English or Spanish. Also, we have an fish bowl toy that allows the boys to put the fish in and take them out. I think it’s made by Fisher-Price and is called Ocean Wonders Fish Bowl. It plays music and lights up. I’m interested in hearing the answers to this question because I’m also looking for learning toys.

2 10 2010
It is what it is

We had the Learn & Groove table and our son played with it until he was almost two. We also had the Laugh and Learn Baby Grand Piano which he also got a lot of mileage out of.

I bought a wooden activity cube like this one: which was awesome. Once he was mobile, he would scoot and/or crawl and or walk all the way around playing each side.

We had many crunchy, rattely, shakey type toys, too. Oh, and the V-Tech Move and Crawl Ball, and the Chicco Talking Farm.

I should mention that I bought a lot of the more expensive toys used. Craigslist is great for toys.

2 10 2010

Mr. Leebot CDs for pure electronic nerd rock pleasure 🙂

OK, just kidding, they’re a little young–it sounds like you’ve received some great advice from other commenters.

3 10 2010

we felt like we didn’t have any real toys until we got back from our vacation. then we bought some little people things and a soft block set. most of our toys have been hand me downs, but the things that the kids LOVE playing with are the things that are not really toys: measuring spoons, plastic water bottles, their pool rafts, boxes, the tupperwear that HOLDS the toys, the foam edges to our floor mats, etc. it’s crazy. they can play with that stuff for hours. lol.

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