Luscious Chunky Thighs

8 10 2010

Sugar and Spice are about to turn seven months old on the 10th…as in two days from now.  It has FLOWN by – and seriously – the first few months are a blur.  I am lazy so time for a bullet point list of what has been going on:

1) They were weighed and measured yesterday – Sugar is 28.5 inches and 20 pounds 10 ounces – off the charts for height and in the 90 to 95 for weight – Spice was 19 pounds 11 ounces and 27ish inches (my husband was a the scale and did not get exact height – this is my measurement) and in the 75thish percentiles.  The doctor is thrilled with their growth and said to start practicing with not only sippy cups (which we have been) but also regular cups.

2) So their beautiful luscious chunkiness was defiled by immunizations yesterday.  Sob.

3) Sugar had a reaction to amoxicillin on Tuesday – I have been a hot mess of stress ever since – I have had bad allergic reactions to things, which has included my throat swelling.  Long story but main thing is that she is fine – was going to start a different antibiotic for her yesterday but did not want to on top of vaccinations AND the fact that her rash on her face came back a bit – and freaked me out – on-call doc said that was normal in reactions and not to start the new antibiotic.  Very, very stressful.  I had lost about 5 pounds – but I made homemade sugar cookies after they went to bed and I ate about a dozen.  Stress eating is a bitch.

4) Both Sugar and Spice are sitting up on their own – amazing – and have been for a couple of weeks now.  And both are saying dadadada and gurgling other noises like  ohhh,  aaahhhh, etc.

5) I am more in love with them each day.

6) BTW, first AF was not too bad – and I am going to ask about Mir.ena.




5 responses

8 10 2010

Oh my goodness! They are so luscious! The mirena was awesome for me. I hope you can get it,and that you like it.

8 10 2010

so delicious! and i love spice’s tie! 🙂

9 10 2010

They are so cute!!! Way to grow those babies, mama, I am completely impressed. Sorry about the reaction and the stress. There’s always something new for us to worry about, huh?

9 10 2010
IF Optimist (Traci)

They are absolutely adorable and I love the outfits that you chose for your photo shoot. Sorry to hear that Spice had a bad time. We are going for our 6 month immunizations next week (blech) so I feel your pain. You have done a great job getting them all chunked up and happy and for that, please accept a big virtual hug. 🙂

9 10 2010
Kara's Mom

Beautiful pics! SO glad everyone is doing well! xxoo

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