Teething? Feeding Strike?

19 10 2010

Spice has been acting hinky at his night feedings…it started about two weeks ago – he stopped drinking all of his night bottle on and off – we tried not feeding him solids in between, worked once, now nothing works – he is only drinking like 3 oz.

I gave him the 3 oz he would drink plus some solids.  Now he will not sleep.

Any words of wisdom?




5 responses

19 10 2010

No advice, just commiserating with you. My twins haven’t been sleeping the best lately either with a period of crappy drinking recently too (seems like we are over that hump, though.)

19 10 2010

When is that feed i the schedule? K gets solids + almost 3oz around 7:30pm, and she’s out for the rest of the night.

20 10 2010

Wish I could help. I have a 13 month old that still can’t go more than four hours without food. Nor has she ever slept more than four hours at a stretch. Could it be teething maybe?

20 10 2010

My best guess is teething. Or just coming out of a growth spurt??

25 10 2010

so…how’d it go? any teeth? is he eating more? i have no words of wisdom. i really wish i did 😦

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