Atypical Gland.ular *updated

12 11 2010

I had my routine pap done on 10/20 and never thought about it again – 20 years of normal paps behind me, I thought nothing of it.  I was at work and my gyn called me – they found a.typical glandula.r cell.s – precancerous cells.  My limited knowledge and consultation with Dr. Google reveals that this is not a typical finding, however, only in about 20% of cases does this result in a potentially Very Bad Thing.  My last pap was about two months before I got pregnant with sugar and spice so I am hopeful that any bad mojo is only recent…

So the plan is to get a colpos.copy and some biopsies of my cervi.x and endometriu.m on the 22nd.

I had a thought that the universe could not be this cruel – to give me my children and then give me cancer – but it is that cruel and terrible.  So many of you are proof of that – and unfortunately, Mo is proof of that – Mo – I thought about you quite a bit today – and my heart goes out to you – I am so pissed off for you.

*updated – I also have aty.pical squam.ous cannot rule out a high grade lesion but am HP.V negative




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12 11 2010

Argh. First off, the cheerleading: Lots of people with atypical cells have absolutely nothing wrong, and if something IS wrong, usually a minor, in-office procedure can take care of it.

However, any ‘atypical’ test result is scary and sucky, and you’re absolutely right to be feeling put out at the universe right now. Right here, fingers crossed til the 22nd (or until the results from the 22nd biopsy come back.) Thinking of you.

12 11 2010

I second what sprogblogger says! I am hoping that you get the all clear! When are the procedures? ((((HUGS))))

12 11 2010

I’ve had ASCUS (atypical squamous cells of unknown significance) twice before, and nothing has come of them. I hope the same holds true for you! I’ve not even had a colposcopy, just had paps every 6 months for a couple years to be sure that it was a one-off.
Good luck with the procedures, and stay hopeful for the best!

12 11 2010

so. you know me. i break all of the statistics. 🙂 i’ve had ASCUS before and some “possibly” precancerous cells. i had a colposcopy, too. people will tell you it’s painful=but i didn’t really think it was that bad. just take some motrin before. there are a million things that can make you have abnormal cells.

the good thing? you’re in the united states where we have excellent numbers regarding treatment and outcomes. so good that we just changed screening guidelines to be less than every year and don’t expect anything to change with detection and outcomes.

having said all of that. i know it sucks. the uncertainty of the testing and the waiting. that (at least for me) was the worst part. feeling out of control. that sucks, too. hang in there. you can only control your response, just do your best to stay relaxed and enjoy the things around you (especially those cute babies!!).

sending good vibes your way. xx

12 11 2010

Delurking to say that I have been exactly where you are–at age 21 I had a pap with AGUS (atypical glandular cells of undetermined significance) and had colposcopy and endometrial biopsy. I had previously had an ASCUS (atypical squamous…..) and too was HPV negative. My biopsies were all normal and I’ve had 14+ paps since then which have been normal. I’m sending thoughts your way that you have EXACTLY the same result–I know it’s so stressful but I wanted to delurk to let you know my experience. Also, the colposcopy and biopsies weren’t bad–I was nervous about the endometrial one but it was okay, and hell after all we go through with infertility (though I didn’t know it at the time since I hadn’t been through it yet!), it wasn’t bad. I think they had me take an NSAID before. So sorry you have to go through this…sending good thoughts your way. Erin

12 11 2010

Oh man this sucks. Not because I’m super worried–but because I hate that you have to go through more testing and uncertainty. I’ve had a few endometrial biopsies and they hurt in the moment but not much after that. I’ll be sending up good vibes to the universe to let everything be ok. Big hugs.

13 11 2010

Though I’m sure all will be fine as Susan so reassuringly explained it. . . I can’t imagine the worry- thinking of you- and hoping you get good answers very very soon.

14 11 2010

I hate it that you have to go through this worry and that it’s taking any of your focus away from your sweet babies. I’ve had the atypical cells diagnosis, too. Had paps done every six months for a few years. All paps have been clear for years. Hopin’ it all turns out the same for you!

14 11 2010

Oh no, sorry you are having this stress. Hopefully it will come to nothing. Slightly different thing but I had a breast lump when my baby was 7 months old and had to go through the hospital checks, the biopsy, the waiting…. it was benign thankfully but I know how you’re feeling, it is scary. Hope you get a quick and positive resolution.

14 11 2010

Ugh! You don’t need this stress! It’s probably nothing, but won’t it feel good to know for sure?

Sending you good thoughts.

15 11 2010

Ugh.l I am so sorry you have to go through more hard times. I’m praying that it’s “nothing” but I’m sure it’s very scary for you right now. It sounds like there will be some time before the procedures and getting the results, so for now just hug and love Sugar and Spice and they will help you through it. They are two VERY cute reminders of just how strong you are and that you can handle anything life throws at you. Hugs and love from me.

28 11 2010

Hoping your news is better now. I’ve had ASCUS also, including while I was pregnant but had 2 normal follow ups since and I am HP+. Thinking of you.

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