29 11 2010

I turned 36 today.  My DH met me for lunch, my dad sent me flowers, which was sweet, but it was also depressing – they had the kind of lilies that are present at every single funeral and the smell permeated my office.

We traveled to my hometown for Thanksgiving – Sugar and Spice loved, loved, loved it but the poor things were so out of their routine, it was rough for them sleep and crankiness-wise.  Sugar would not sleep the first night at my sister’s unless she was physically touching me – I felt bad for her but it made me feel warm and fuzzy too.  I broke my sister’s washing machine while we were there and just forked out $500 to replace it.  DH told me not to fill it so full but I ignored him – and he claims that is a classic example how I never listen to him and that he does not feel like a partner a lot of times.  Sigh.  Crushed my heart.  He is right.  Have work to do.

I got the results of my colposcopy back.  Abnormalities on the outside and inside the canal of my cervix.  Have to have surgery in an OR to remove it.  Sometime in January.  Not looking forward to that but so glad it is not cancer, I can deal with pre-cancerous growths.

I cannot keep up with regular life.  Mail, bills, cleaning, organizing, showering, cooking, working, pictures, baby books, you name it, I am COMPLETELY overwhelmed.  I have always been ahead of the curve as far as getting shit done.  I cannot seem to get anything done.  My plan is to start making a pot of coffee when I get home and try to crank away.  That is what I am doing now – I came home to see my sweeties, now I am going to log on and work and try to jam some stuff out.




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29 11 2010

arg. it does seem like there are fewer hours in the day, doesn’t it? even when the kids are napping i feel like i can’t get stuff done. i feel like i’m one step ahead of chaos. 😦 sucks you have to go to the OR, but so glad that it’s not cancerous right now. it doesn’t sound like you need this stress. at any rate, i’m glad you had a good holiday. mine was filled with drama, just like i’m sure the entire month of december will be!! xx

29 11 2010

Happy Birthday 🙂

Do any of us really listen to our husbands??? No. We know best. And even when we’re “wrong” it’s someone/something else’s fault besides our own. LOL.

If you can’t keep your shit together, how in the world will I when my twins arrive and EJ is 2 years old??????? YIKES!!!! Again, LOL.

30 11 2010

Happy birthday!

So glad it’s not cancer – nothing scarier than an abnormal pap! As for the rest of it, you’ll catch up, and things will normalize again. It’s hard balancing baby, husband & self, and having two babies? You know I already think you’re superwoman – I suspect you’ll figure it out & do it with grace, just the way you’ve managed so many other crises.

Thinking of you, and hoping that your next set of holidays are less stressful than Thanksgiving, but just as much fun (though less stressful!) for the little ones & for you.

Oh, and I always fill the washing machine too full. And my husband always lets me know that I’m doing it wrong. And then I quietly run it again when it turns out I really DID fill it too full. But I never realized it could break the machine. Yikes. Consider this blog post your public service of the day…

And once more – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

30 11 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope this year is the happiest yet, and that they just keep on getting happier!
I’m sorry you’re overwhelmed but my Lord woman, you do quite a bit! Your babies are beautiful and healthy and that’s the most important thing…well I guess paying the bills is sorta important too 🙂 cut yourself some slack!

30 11 2010

I had the surgery to remove pre-cancerous spots, too. It was a quick day surgery with very little discomfort. That was 12 years ago and the spots never came back, and now I’m 25 weeks with no complications so far. I’m hoping it goes just as smoothly for you!
Sorry about the washing machine, that just plain sucks. On top of traveling, too, which has it’s own stresses. 😦

1 12 2010

And, Happy Birthday!!! 🙂

1 12 2010

I can totally relate to your last paragraph. I’m there too! Being a momma to twin babies while being a working momma too is automatically overwhelming!

11 12 2010
Melissa G

Happy Birthday, Mama! (Sorry I’m late on that)

Wow, scary stuff about the growths – though I’m sorry for the surgery aspect of it – SO glad you found it early and are able to take care of it.

I have know doubts that working + babIES= inundated, but you seem to be doing a hell of a job. =)

Hang in there!

15 12 2010

I am a bad blogger and am just now reading this. But… ohmygoodness!

I’m also finding it hard to juggle. I feel like I’m either good at work or good at home, and it’s hard to be good at both. I’ve been going to bed at 8:00 ish lately, not because I’m getting up with babies (which I still am, btw), but because I’m just so damn tired at the end of the day.

Anyway, I’m hoping things are a little better for you now and that you can enjoy a somewhat relaxed holiday home with your family.

And… I almost ALWAYS overload the laundry and have yet to break our machine. Just sayin’.


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