Thank You 2010

2 01 2011

Thank you 2010, for giving me the two most amazing people to ever exist.  And thank you – my blogging friends – for seeing me, for helping me, for loving me through the best of times and the worst of times.




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2 01 2011
It is what it is

Wow, what a difference a year makes! Thanks for sharing your year in review.

Happy MMXI!

2 01 2011

wow! look at all that has happened in a year!!! here’s to more great times! cheers. xx

3 01 2011

Love the pictures!!!

But your belly pic scares me. I’m so afraid of how big I’m going to get!!!!!

4 01 2011

Brilliant summary of the last year! And awesome belly! Happy new year to you.

5 01 2011

Beautiful! Love the pics. Happy new year to you too.

6 01 2011

What an awesome year! They’re just too beautiful!

7 01 2011

lol – that last picture cracks me up! Your twinklets are adorable… so glad the year was a great one for you. 🙂

8 01 2011

Love the photo collection!

9 01 2011

OK that is so weird–I SWEAR I commented on this post because i loved the pictorial and especially the last photo where they are saying “let us out!” Hmmmm, at any rate, I’ll comment again–beautiful indeed!!

21 01 2011

I totally love this post!

6 02 2011

Look how far you’ve come! Wishing you so much continued joy!

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