8dp3dt – BFP!!!!

3 10 2008

Wow, I cannot believe it. I tested last night 2 AM – very, very, very faint line on a FRER. I have been having a hard time sleeping at night – I think it is the PIO – so I was up until about 5 AM just fantasizing about the possibility of it really working, of me and DH really having a baby. Then I slept until about 7 AM and took another FRER – another very, very, very faint line!!!!! I am not going to complain about it being light – FRER seemed light to me last time – a line is a line!!!! My beta is Monday and I will be 11dp3dt then. I am so happy but there is such a long road ahead I am trying to keep myself grounded.

Now comes another set of worries – since my early miscarriage last time, I want to be sure everything is on track. My RE does not test estrogen or progesterone so I just put in a call to my coordinator to see if we should start doing that.