Spa Day Tomorrow and Rundown of Numbers

14 11 2008

In my quest to continue feeling better, I booked a spa day with two of my girlfriends tomorrow at a really nice spa that is about two hours away. I am really excited – we will hit Starbucks in the morning and I am getting a facial and a body scrub. Another goal for IVF#3 is to stay sane and healthy during the meds. The meds always screw me, i.e. I get really tired and sort of spaced out. The first time was the worst, I was nodding off, I was forgetting all sorts of stuff and I just plain checked out at some moments! It was so bad that if I did not write down my shots and which side of my body I just stuck myself on, I would have been lost. Actually, I did screw up my meds for IVF#1 – it was so embarrassing and that is why we only got three eggs. My IVF coordinator, Debbie, was really sweet and said “it happens all the time” I doubt it – she was just probably trying to make me feel better.

I digress – “To Die For” is on tv with Nicole Kidman – she is really something in this movie.

I am going to chart some of my numbers below from the first IVF#1 and #2 so that when my numbers roll in this time, I will be able to really compare (read “obsess”)

9/20/08 – trigger day for IVF#2 – estradiol – 3301 – 9 eggs retrieved and all injected, ultrasound showed 14 follicles:
Right I had 6 at 16, 17, 22, 22, 16 and 17
Left I had 8 at 20, 20, 23, 17, 13, 11, 20 and 15
I took morning dose of 150 units of gonal f.

I am going to stim longer this time and I hope that the smaller ones will catch up and spit out some eggs!

9/18/08 – estradiol – 2041 (after 5 days of stims, this was 6th day of stims)

9/16/08 – estradiol – 837 (after 3 days of stims, this was the 4th day of stims)

9/11/08 – estradiol – 73, LH 1.9

5/8/08 – trigger day for IVF#1 – estradiol – 1792 – 3 eggs retrieved and all injected

5/1/08 – estradiol – 73, LH 1.8

Also, my beginning numbers were: FSH 4.5, TSH 1.8, prolactin 28